10 Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas

Finding space in your kitchen can be tough to do. For a room that really needs to hold so many utensils and items, there is often very little storage. The kitchen is a room that can very easily look cluttered and untidy, but with our simple storage solutions, you’ll find space where you never imaged it possible.

1) Turn your fridge door into a spice rack

Instead of filling your fridge door with a load of novelty fridge magnets, why not turn it into something both useful and practical. Pour all of your spices into small, individual jars, and stick magnets onto the lid. Now label the bottom of the jars, and you have instantly transformed your fridge door into a spice rack.

2) Don’t forget about the sides of cupboards

The sides of cupboards are often left completely bare. These are the perfect places to hang towel rails, or even hooks which can then be used to hang a number of kitchen utensils. It is important to try and keep all surfaces clear; especially if you have a small kitchen area, as this will give the impression of more work space. However, this, in turn means that you have to find alternative storage ideas, where you wouldn’t have thought of before.

3) Utilise the inside of your cupboard doors

If you are a keen baker, the inside of your cupboards are the perfect place to hang your measuring cups. You can even paint you cupboard doors with chalkboard paint to keep yourself organised. This is really easy and inexpensive to do, yet can make a huge difference to your kitchen. Just add small hooks to your cupboard door after it has been painted; label your measuring cups and then hang them on the hooks. A five minute job that will keep awkward items organised and safe.

4) Make use of drawers that do not open

We all have drawers in our kitchen that are just for show and serve no purpose. Normally, these are underneath the sink, where they are used for continuity, but, due to the position of the sink cannot serve as a functional drawer. Instead of letting these go to waste, like so many of us do, convert these into a pull down storage holder that keep your cleaning sponges neat and tidy.

5) Think high

Storage options do not just have to be those at eye level. In fact, areas up higher often get forgotten about. If you are struggling for space in your kitchen, do not forget the area above cupboards and doors. These are perfect for storing larger items that you do not require on a daily basis. This is the same for the area above the fridge. It is all about utilising all free areas, and simply fitting shelves in areas that wouldn’t normally be used can create a whole load of storage options that you wouldn’t have thought possible.

6) Make storage boxes your new best friend

Storage boxes can be an absolute life saver in small kitchens. Not only do they look nicer than cardboard boxes, but also save you a lot of space, as they are all uniform, and can neatly be stacked on top of one another. They can be used to decanter bulky items such as cereal and dog food. Another blessing with using storage boxes is that you can clearly see when your products are running out, helping you to organise and plan your shopping.

7) Get custom made counters and appliances

Although this is a little more costly, it is worth it in the long run, especially if you are struggling for space in your kitchen. Getting custom made counters not only means that you can chose the material, and design it exactly to your taste, but it also means that it can seamlessly fit into your kitchen, regardless of the size. This will give the impression of a larger area. The same can be said for appliances. Do not think that just because you have a small area, that you cannot get the luxury items that you wish.

8) Fit an over the sink chopping board

Chopping boards that fit over the sink are very useful for a number of reasons. Not only does it create a handy storage option for your chopping board, which given the size of them can sometimes be hard to store, it also creates another surface if that is something that you are lacking in your kitchen. When you need to use the sink, the chopping board can just be moved and replaced afterwards.

9) Consider having a kitchen island fitted

This might seem a little odd if you are already struggling for space, but having a small island fitted in your kitchen can actually make a massive difference, as you are creating a whole heap of storage space that you would not normally have. A small island opens up a load of options, as it creates another surface; extra storage; as well as extra seating, meaning you can combine this with a dining area for you and your family.

10) Invest in a pot rack

Saucepans and pots can take up a lot of valuable space in a kitchen because they are just so bulky. Investing in a pot rack that can be hung on the wall is a really good way of reducing and preventing this problem. The area above the sink is a brilliant option for a pot rack, as this area is often not used, but it will not encroach on valuable free space.