10 Colour Tips To Make A Space Look Bigger

Different colours can make a huge impact on your room, and different colour combinations can completely change the appearance of a room, including how big it feels. It is an all too frequent assumption that small room should steer away from bright colours, and should stick to lighter colours that are known for reflecting the light. This just isn’t the case though. A small room can have splashes of bright colours; it is just about doing it in a way that will complement the size. Luckily, this is where we can help. Just follow our 10 tips, and you can have a colourful room in no time, regardless of the size.

1) Use coloured tape to frame pictures

If you are struggling to find room to place all of your photographs, or are worried that bulky frames will take up too much valuable space, why not stick your photos directly to the wall, and add some coloured tape around them to create a frame. It’s an excellent way of adding colour to your room, without over doing it, whilst at the same time, keeping your area personal to you.

2) Colour code your accessories

Although it might seem like a waste of time, colour coding your books can have a massive impact on your room. Whilst you might have comments from others that you have far too much time on your hands, it will add a streamline effect to your room, which is brilliant for smaller rooms. This is an incredibly easy and inexpensive way of effectively adding colour to your room with minimal effort.

3) Use glass and acrylic furniture

Or, basically any furniture that is clear and see through. Perspex, acrylic and glass furniture or accessories do not take up any visual residency at all. This means that your eye is not drawn to them as soon as you walk into the room. It is not the focal point. This means that any items that you place on said furniture will take centre stage. So, any brightly coloured accessories will stand out, without cluttering up a small room.

4) Consider adding grey

If you are bit afraid of adding colours into your home, but want something a little different from the classic white or cream, grey is a brilliant starting point. Regardless of the shade that you choose, it will instantly add sophistication and glamour to your room. Because it is also quite a neutral colour, it allows you to add colours to it at a later date should you wish to.

5) Treat white as a colour

Do not forget that white is a colour. Many people assume that it is a boring choice, reserved for those people who are not allowed to paint their walls. White, in fact, creates a very light and airy feel, which is perfect for smaller rooms. And, although it shouldn’t always be thought of as this; it is excellent for those people living in rented abodes, who are limited to how they can paint their home.

6) Don’t forget black

Although many reports suggest that you should steer clear of black when decorating a small room, this is in fact not true, and if you are using bright colours, it is important that you do include a little bit of black. Small amounts will really make the other colours that you are using pop and stand out, taking your small room to the next level. It is a really effective way of making the most of a small amount of colour.

7) Elongate your room with stripes

If you are not a fan of bright colours, and prefer a more traditional monochrome feel, adding vertical stripes to your room will not only create the same focal feature that a bright colour will, but will also elongate the room, which is excellent if it is slightly on the small side. Again, this is also a brilliant design should you wish to add colours to your room at a later date.

8) Add yellow to small rooms

If your room is on the small side, and has limited window space, adding a brightly coloured yellow throw, or curtains can imitate the sunshine, and will instantly make your room brighter, happier and more welcoming. It will also distract your eyes away from the size of the room, making it feel bitter, which is ideal if your room is smaller than you would like.

9) Turn your electrical wires into wall art

This is another brilliant way for people to add a bit of interest and colour to an otherwise plain wall; which is ideal in rented homes. Instead of having unsightly telephone cables running along the ceiling or floor of your home, turn it into a piece of art. Create an image using the leftover wire and pin it in place. Not only will it keep long lengths of wires at bay, it is a really effective way of breaking an otherwise plain wall up, making your room appear larger than it is.

10) Add a stained glass window

Stained glass windows are a truly excellent way of introducing colour into a small space; particularly one that may lack windows and natural light. You can use this opportunity to be as creative as you like, and really experiment with colours, as it will not dull the room. Because it is being added straight to the window, it will still let all of the natural light shine through, allowing your room to feel bright and colourful.