10 Storage Ideas for Your Living Room

Here at TilesPorcelain we are always looking to advise you on tips to make the most out of your home. Trying to find storage solutions in your living can be a tricky task, especially if your home is quite small. Instead of making your home look cluttered, we have some innovative storage solutions that will work for even the smallest, most compact homes…

1) Utilise all space

Make sure you are using every bit of space you can in an inventive way. Alcoves that are too small to be of any use, are absolutely perfect for shelving, which can then be used for books, or ornaments that you want to be on display. You will be amazed at how much you can fit in a little space that you thought was good for nothing.

2) Choose slim line furniture

Whilst this one is not directly a storage solution, choosing slim line furniture or even multifunctional furniture will not only make your living room look bigger, but it will also create extra space that you can then use for storage solutions. If you cannot get slim line furniture, consider getting one larger piece, such as a corner sofa rather than lots of different pieces. This will be better use of the space.

3) Remember the space above the door

We all have the bare bit of wall above the door that is rarely used for anything. In fact, you have probably forgotten that it is there. Whilst you will not be able to fit a whole lot of storage space there, it is the perfect space for a shelf. This is perfect for storing books and items that you are not likely to need to get to all of the time. It is discreet and out of the way, whilst still looking neat and stylish.

4) Coffee tables with storage

If you are tight on space in your living room, buy multi-functional pieces, such as a coffee table that also doubles up as a chest. Not only are these bang on trend at the moment, they will look great with any existing style as well as creating a whole load of extra storage. If you can’t get a trunk style coffee table, but need extra storage, look for tables that have draws or tables attached to them. This way, you will easily be able to access everything that is in there.

5) Wall hung display unit

Many people forget about their walls being a brilliant storage option. There is always a lot of blank space on walls that can be utilised with a wall hung display unit. If you want to embark on a DIY project you could do this yourself. This would allow you to fit it specifically to your wall and whatever you want to display in it as well.

6) Utilise the space below bay windows

Although not everyone has bay windows in their home, and cannot do this, but for those who can, convert your bay window into a brilliant window seat with hidden storage below. Not only are you creating a comfy area to relax with a book, but the area underneath will store a lot of items that you can keep out of sight of visitors.

7) Get custom made storage options

If you have a smaller room with very little space, consider getting custom made storage options made to ensure that they fit the space perfectly. If you are working with a particularly small area, many of the storage units, such as display cases and cupboards, may be too large, without being able to customise them. Although having a piece custom made might be a bit pricier, it will fit perfectly, plus you can create an item that is perfect for you.

8) Store DVD’s on the television stand

Don’t forget about all of the free space that is underneath your television stand. Many people will store their DVD’s in a separate cabinet, which is unnecessary when you could use the area right by the television. This will then free up any shelves for other items, but still keep all of your DVD’s in a place that you can easily see them and access them.

9) Invest in some foot stools

Footstools are excellent for small homes. Not only do they provide extra seating, they are small enough that they will not take up much space, but also make the perfect storage area. Many footstools will have a hidden storage space underneath the seat, which keeps any of you belongings hidden away, but at the same time, they are easily accessible should you need them.

10) Convert your unused fire place

All too often unused fire places that have been blocked up end up getting wasted. Whether it is in use or not is no reason not to make a feature out of it. If it is unused, view it as a perfect place display area. You can even put storage shelves, or a cupboard built into it, which will keep the feel and appearance of the fireplace, but will also create a lot of extra storage.