10 Ways To Bring Tiles Into Your Bedroom

Tiles are no longer just for the bathroom and industrial buildings. They are being used all over the house, and yet people still seem to be unsure about how to bring tiles into their bedroom in a way that will be stylish and effective. However, it does not have to be challenging. Here are just ten easy ways to bring tiles into your bedroom whilst still keeping it stylish.

1) Create a patterned floor

Patterned floors are very on trend right now. Whether you choose the layout of the tiles, or include different coloured tiles in your floor; you can incorporate many different styles and trends into your bedroom very simply by using tiles. A patterned floor is not only eye catching, but is an excellent way for you to put your individual style stamp on you bedroom creating a floor that no one else would have.

2) Create a feature wall

Feature wall do not have to be reserved for the living room or kitchen only. Any room can include a feature wall, and is an excellent way for you to introduce some more colours into your bedroom elegantly and subtly. Although many people may feel that wall paper would be more appropriate in a bedroom, you could not be further from the truth. You can use a mixture of textures, and materials all of varying sizes, to really create something that is personal solely to you.

3) Tile the front of cabinets

If you want to introduce tiles into your bedroom, but are not sure if you want to do something as drastic as changing the floor or the walls, think about the smaller items that you could update with tiles. Tiling the front of your cabinets with some small, mosaic tiles will instantly give your bedroom that modern twist, without going too far. You can either inject some colour into your room this way, or just modernise your existing cabinets with some classic tiles. Porcelain or ceramic tiles are ideal if you choose to embark on this project.

4) Have a ceramic floor fitted

Ceramic tiles might seem like an odd choice for a bedroom, as they have long been considered too cold to be used in bedrooms and were only seen in the bathroom; they are quickly becoming recognised as an acceptable tile to use all over the home including the bedroom. Not only are they available in a huge selection of colours and finishes, they are brilliant for those on a budget. If you want extra luxury as well, you can have under floor heating installed as well, which will eliminate the problem of feeling cold underfoot…

5) Make your fireplace a feature

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your bedroom, do not neglect it! Make the most of it, and create a real feature out of. Tiles are commonly used around a fireplace, and make for an obvious choice in your bedroom. By making the fireplace the focal point of your room, you are instantly creating a sense of luxury and elegance, even if it is not used. All too often, fireplaces get covered up, and it is a great shame because they can bring so much to a room.

6) Don’t forget vinyl flooring

Vinyl floor tiles have significantly improved over the years and although they are very well suited to those on a smaller budget; they do not have to look like it. Vinyl floor tiles come in a huge range of effects, such as wood, marble and granite just to name a few. If you want to achieve the look of more luxurious tile, but simply do not have the budget, vinyl tiles are an excellent alternative. Plus, they are very easy to fit, and can be a fun DIY project for you to embark on.

7) Create a mosaic

If you are feeling creative, and have an artistic side to you, why not create a mosaic on your wall. If you want to do something on a larger scale, you can create a feature wall purely out of a mosaic. Not only will you have something that is completely personal to you, that you have designed and made, it is also an excellent way of bringing tiles into your bedroom without making any major changes. Small, mosaic tiles are readily available, or if you wanted a more rugged design, you could use pieces of old, broken tiles.

8) Make tiled accessories

Bringing tiles into your room does not mean that you have to completely redecorate your room. There are many ways in which you can do this with accessories, and it is also a brilliant opportunity for you to get creative. You can jazz up an old vase by sticking mosaic tiles onto it, or make a plain photo frame a bit more exciting. These accessories will still make your bedroom look modern, without being too expensive or time consuming to complete.

9) Don’t neglect your en-suite

If you are lucky enough to have an en-suite bathroom in your bedroom, make sure you do not neglect this. Because they are often small, it is more beneficial to have them tiled as this will not only make it look more modern, but also larger as well. Because it is an extension of your room, you can decorate it in a way that continues the theme throughout your room. Having a tiled en-suite also means that it is much easier to clean as well.

10) Use laminate floor tiles in children’s bedrooms

Some tiles are not practical for use in children’s bedrooms because they are very tough, and could cause injury should they fall in the room. You may also find that they are a little cold for young children, and not very inviting. Laminate floor tiles however, are slightly softer than normal tiles, meaning the risk of injury is reduced. They are also very good value for money as well, which is useful with a child, as you may have to replace them at some point should they become ruined. Like vinyl tiles, there is a great amount of choice with them.