Why & Where - Tiling in a modern property (A guest blog from the Right Surveyors)

It’s an often overlooked aspect, but tiles can make a world of difference to your home - whether it’s in your bathroom, toilet or kitchen. They can also be part of a great feature if you ever decide to sell your home.


Until recently, having a carpet in your bathroom was the done thing. The 80s and 90s saw this reach the height of popularity, but now times have changed. Having tiles in a bathroom or toilet is a lot more hygienic than having a carpet which absorbs water and bacteria - one of the main reasons to pick tiles over carpet.

Tiling can make a property stand out for all the right reasons. It can make your home look fresh and modern. If you are looking for a bathroom with a twist, you can match the floor tiles to the wall – creating an illusion of space, as well as a fashionably stylish look. If you are looking at re-decorating your en-suite, you could use the style of your bedroom as a base and let it flow into your bathroom. Remember, don’t just focus on the floor, you can tile your walls as well – making for an easy cleaning solution and bold and appealing aesthetics.


The kitchen is the heart of the home, the centre of your house parties and one of the busiest, often used rooms of the house. Tiles can make a whole lot of difference to the kitchen, and you can really express your taste and personality through the type of tile that you choose. You could go for a brightly coloured tile to make your kitchen pop, or even keep it neutral to give it a clean and fresh appearance.

Think in terms of practicality as well, a high splash-back will be much easier to clean than a plaster wall – which could break down and become mouldy over time.

In terms of resale, the kitchen can be crucially important:

“Being that we all use our kitchens so much; potential buyers will pay particular attention to it when they view your home. Does it suit the character of the property? Are the in-built appliances modern and functional? Does it have any ‘sexy’ features like boiling taps or induction hobs? A perfect kitchen may not add too much in terms of ‘value’, but saleability can be greatly enhanced and multiple bids will work in your favour.”

RS Manchester – Expert property consultants

DIY or Tradesman?

If you’re handy around the house, you might want to do the job yourself. Time, care, attention and a steady hand can achieve a good finish – but you might not want to take the risk or sacrifice the hours required. Local tradesmen will be able to assist, but be sure to get quotes from several before deciding on one.

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