Epoxy Grout

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Epoxy Grout £49.99 £29.99Tub
Gold Glitter £34.99 £8.99Bag
Silver Glitter £34.99 £8.99Bag
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Material Grout
Colour Silver
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Sparkly Grout for Quartz

Technical Specifications and Usage of Sparkzle Epoxy Grout : For PDF Click Here

Our high quality epoxy mortar is available in 2.5kg tubs. To bring the sparkle simply add the 150g glitter pack that is available in the following colours:



Easy Mix Epoxy Grout
Add a new dimension to your wall and floor designs with Sparkzle. You simply mix the glitter element with our two part epoxy grout to produce the Sparkzle glistening look which complements a range of different tiles. Waterproof grout provides a high level of resilience against moisture and stains in kitchens and bathrooms.

Stunning Black Quartz

One of our most popular quartz tiles with large mirror flecks; this black floor or wall tile has a matching mosaic sheet and is a great choicefor most flooring projects. If you want an almost invisible grout line then consider using a black grout with sparkzle epoxy grout

Colour Options
As well as offering a range of neutral and bold colour options; Sparkzle allows you to create some bold contrasting effects that can look stunning in boutique environments

Zultanite - An Elegant Grey Floor or Wall Tile

An individual tile that makes a great neutral backdrop to most colour furnishing schemes

Diamond White - A Clean White Speckled Quartz

White has always been a popular tile for kitchens and bathrooms. Our diamond white is a premier quality tile that you can use for a vast range of home and commercial tiling projects. Why not order a sample to compare this hard wearing tile to other white tiles

Large Choice of Colours
To coincide with our extensive range of coloured quartz; we have developed an outstanding selection of grout colours and can vary the amount of sparkle by adding more or less of the glitter pack to the grout mix

Coloured Quartz Tiles

We have an extensive selection of coloured quartz tiles and mosaics that can be used individually or combined. We are one of the UK's major importers of quartz tiles and always have great offers