Antalya White Polished Limestone Tiles

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600x400 £99.99 £22.97m2
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Product Details
Order Code LM8
Material Limestone
Colour Cream
Finish Polished
Ideal For Floor
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The fresh and sophisticated colour combined with a subtle pattern makes this Antalya White Limestone an exquisite choice for walls and floors. The stylish look is further emphasised by a highly polished finish. They have a predominately white colour which is interspersed by natural brown flecks. This trendy style shows the true beauty of natural stone limestone and accentuates the process of its formation as a sedimentary rock.

They have a reflective quality and will shimmer and glow in majestic fashion when light shines onto the sleek and smooth surface. This finish also allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. Premium quality Antalya White Polished Limestone from Tilesporcelain is hard wearing and durable and therefore ideal for high traffic areas of flooring. The neutral white colour makes it a versatile option for home decors. They look equally impressive within either traditional or contemporary designs. They are also used in the creation of chic hotel foyers and emphatic restaurant interiors.

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