Day 28 of the Olympic Torch Relay: Alnwick to Newcastle upon Tyne

Friday, June 15th, 2012

It is day 28 of the Olympic Torch’s 70 day relay around the UK ahead of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Today the torch is on its way from Alnwick to Newcastle upon Tyne, passing through various places on this route including; Morpeth, Blyth and Whitley Bay.

The rainy weather hasn’t prevented the crowds from enjoying this historic occasion as the many lined the streets to see torch bearers holding the famous Olympic torch.

Talking of the weather, it’s been a typical British summer so far. Don’t worry though because at Tiles Porcelain Ltd we have a range of high quality natural stone tiles which are perfect for outdoor areas, in rain or shine! We recommend travertine as a patio or pool surround and our rock cladding tiles (below) as a feature garden wall.


Day Nine of the Olympic Torch relay: Swansea to Aberystwyth

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

It is tradition for an Olympic torch to be carried around the host nation by specified torch bearers in the year of an Olympic Games. This year it is London’s turn to host the games and the torch is currently on day nine of its journey around the UK. At the end of the 8,000 mile round trip the torch will be back in time for the opening ceremony at the Olympic stadium on July 27th. The torch is currently en route from Swansea to Aberystwyth.

CladdingThe tradition of the Olympic flame began in ancient Greece, where a fire was kept burning throughout the ancient Olympics. Most homes have a fireplace feature. Most domestic fires are electrical and provide interiors with immense character as well as warmth and comfort. Decorative tiles are a safe and stylish option for fireplace surrounds. At Tiles Porcelain we have a range of tiles which are well suited to these designs. Natural stone slate not only has a trendy rustic quality but is also resilient against heat. Another option for fireplace features is rock cladding. The rugged texture and natural look of Rock Panel cladding (left) is ideal for walls and can be used as part of either traditional or contemporary decors.

Celebrate May Day with a Combination of Styles

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

The first day of May is here! In Great Britain, May Day is often celebrated in traditional fashion with some Morris Dancing and other forms of outdoor activities which bring people together. It is a day when the vibrancy and colour of spring is particularly evident. Another positive aspect of May Day is that it also means a bank holiday is just around the corner!

Aside from Morris dancing, other May Day traditions include; dancing around a maypole, singing folk songs and crowning a May Queen. It is seen as a time when remembering the past is as important as enjoying the present. Spring is a transitional season in which we enjoy aspects of both winter and summer – just take a look at the weather!

At Tiles Porcelain we are well aware at how traditional and contemporary features can work together in perfect harmony. A fusion of two different styles can produce stunning results, as shown below:

rockpanelThis rustic wall feature provided by Rock panel White Cladding Tiles (left) is complemented in trendy fashion by modern furnishings and accessories, including a stylish rug, built in electric fire and chic white chairs. This design provides an aesthetically delightful living space in which warmth and comfort are clearly not compromised.

bathroomIn this bathroom design the natural beauty of marble (right) is combined with contemporary features. The emphatic combination of black and white colours fits perfectly against a light cream and beige backdrop. Marble is an exquisite choice of tile when you are looking to create a crossover design. It is the stunning natural veins which provide a rustic quality but also makes them perfectly compatible with modern decors.

Natural Stone Tiles for Garden Designs

Monday, February 27th, 2012

We are nearing the end of February now, the nights are getting lighter and spring is just around the corner. It is the perfect time to make improvements to the exterior of your home in preparation for the warmer months. How about that garden patio you have always wanted? A trendy new pool surround? Or even a stylish wall feature? At Tiles Porcelain we can help you transform your garden design at an affordable price. A patio area will provide a perfect place for barbeques and somewhere to relax on summer evenings in the company of friends and family. Tiles Porcelain has a wide selection of premium quality natural stone tiles which are ideal for patio areas. By complementing these tiles with suitable garden furniture it is possible to create a truly magical setting. Tiles Porcelain also supplies tiles which are ideal for pool and pond surrounds. Order a sample of one of our many varieties of Travertine, Slate, Sandstone or Limestone tiles for a better idea of what will best suit your garden design. For an outstanding garden wall design, rock cladding tiles from Tiles Porcelain are an exceptional option. Choose from our Ivory, White, Ochre and Charcoal styles of cladding for the ultimate outdoor feature.



Rock Panel Ivory Cladding tile for beach houses

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Many people prefer to leave near the sea. These people like the sound of the waves and the look for the beautiful sea in the day and night. Therefore they choose to buy houses at the beach. The beach houses are crucial to maintain they need high-end upkeep almost throughout the year. This is the reason why the designers use tiles that are long lasting and will be less painful to maintain. For outdoor walls the architects recommend the rock panel ivory cladding tiles.

Beach houses are made to satisfy the market that wants a high scale lavishness and style. Construction companies therefore hire professional and efficient tiles from along with buying the rock panel ivory cladding tile from there. This is a versatile website that allows users to browse and order samples before ordering their tiles. With a high quality the users also get a low price offer.

Rustic and Classy Home Exteriors with Rock Panel Charcoal Cladding Tiles

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Many associate memories and place a great sentimental value in their homes and often tend to retain it for years. After every few years the home calls for a renovation that not only keeps up with the latest in terms of architecture but also furnishes the tastes of the individuals that dwell in it. Great attention is paid to the interior renovation but there are many who understand the importance of a tasteful face-lift of the house. For this architects popularly select the Rock Panel Charcoal Cladding Tiles. This Textured Grey Cladding Tile lends a natural classy and elegant.

Not only are the Rock Panel Charcoal Cladding Tiles elegant to look at but also are also extremely practical and prove to be great value for money. This is because of this cladding tile’s hardwearing and weather resilient nature. This tile is available at at amazing prices.

Remarkably Authentic Home Exteriors with Rock Panel Charcoal Cladding Tile

Monday, January 16th, 2012

For the stylish and trendy personalities it is not only important for the insides of their home to be amazingly decorated with the right mix of design and nature but is equally important for the façade of the house to be resonant of their personality and design statement. For this architects select the Rock Panel Charcoal Cladding Tiles most popularly. This textured grey cladding tile is a versatile tile that is ideal for the progressive, contemporary and traditional design orientations. This neutral and natural colour of this tile proves to be an excellent canvas to sport all sorts of condiments that garnish it.

The Rock Panel Charcoal Cladding Tiles are long lasting and hard wearing owning to their weather resistant properties and are known to retain their original finish for years. This beautiful and authentic tile is available at at remarkably amazing prices.

Creative walls in foyer area with the white rock panel cladding tile

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

Many homeowners love to make a striking impression on their guests and visitors. Choosing to put up a classy work of art, making and eccentric design statement or even having an unusual yet catchy design does the trick. What impresses the guests the most is a wall adorned by the White Rock Panel Cladding tile. This rock tile is an exquisite and beautiful rustic tile the delivers a sense of balance to the symmetric and chiseled straight lines used in making houses and other structures. Homeowners choose this tile to break the monotony while sending out a chic impression to all that look at it.

Not only is this a strikingly beautiful tile, it also very hard wearing and is a cladding tile of superior and premium quality often recommended by architects and interior designers and is available at at extremely affordable prices.

Classy garden centres with Rock Panel Ochre Cladding tile

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Get a super classy and beautiful touch with the colourful rock panel ochre cladding tile for your garden centres. This style with the rock finish and colourful bricks will certainly wow your friends and visitors. It will look gorgeous with the multi coloured flowers and the green plants. Property developers and landscape gardeners have used these cladding tiles for home gardens and other commercial garden centres as well.

The rock and rough finished surface becomes easy to manage after washing or rain. They do not slip and are extremely secure for all family members including children. provides a good price to manage these tiles as its renovation will be convenient. With its low price and easy installation these cladding tiles are a good choice for exterior decorations. It will also inspire your guests and professional tilers will be able to install them easily.

Porcelain Anthracite Silk Scirocco for barn conversions

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Get classy barn conversions with the dark coloured Porcelain Anthracite Silk Scirocco Glazed stoneware for your barn conversions, basements or even living rooms. This smooth glazed surfaced tile is one of the most popular tiles for all types of homes and office decors. Stain resistant and easy to clean makes them very famous amongst home owners.

Construction companies have bought these tiles to be used in train stations as well and when you buy them from they are less pricey and a superior quality. These dark coloured tiles can be combined with other colours for a combination or contrast. You could make a red or bold coloured mix for a contemporary touch or keep it traditional and simple by using the light coloured beiges and creams. You could also keep it simple by using the range of sparkling white colours in the mixing of décor.

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