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exterior wall tilesAre you planning on redecorating your exterior walls?  You must be very excited as you should be because this is something that can give you humongous pay offs. However, it could also end up in disaster if you do not know what to do and end up making all the wrong choices. If you are planning in putting up exterior wall tiles, you are making the right choice because tiles look really chic and they tend to last long. Of course, you also need to make sure that you choose the right kind of exterior wall tiles because not just any tile will do. You need to make sure you choose tiles that are durable and hard-wearing because exterior wall tiles take a lot of beating from the elements and you do not want to change tiles every season.

If you have no idea what kinds of exterior wall tiles to choose, below are some tiles that not only look good but also work well as exterior wall tiles.

Ceramic tiles – you probably already know that ceramic tiles work well in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and almost any other space inside your house but you will be happy to know that they work perfectly when used outdoors as well.  Not only are they sturdy but they come in all colours and even in printed designs so you will never lack for choices. They are also easy to clean and you can even lay them over your existing wall tiles if you are too lazy to remove them.

Porcelain tiles –  this type of tile works wonders for outdoor use because it shares a lot of awesome characteristics with ceramic tiles but the best part is it is more dense so it is also sturdier. Look for tiles with PEI rating of 4 so that you can be sure they are chip and scratch resistant which means they are perfect for outdoor use.

Slate tiles – this type of tile not only looks good but it is sturdy and long wearing as well. Being a tile made of natural elements, it is able to hold up the elements as well. This is a bit pricier than other tiles but the look it gives your home is really quite lovely and you can’t put a price on that.

Ipe wood tiles –  if you like the look of wood but feel a bit leery about using it for outdoor spaces, Ipe wood tiles are the perfect choice because they are unique squares made of hardwood and offer a natural look to homes without bringing on the plank-style appearance brought by traditional wood tiles. Ipe Wood tiles are given the Class A rate by the NFPA since it is fire resistant and tolerates high impact activities.

So you see there are many options for you to consider when looking for tiles for exterior use. You before you choose any of these tiles though, make sure you ask for samples so you can check how they will look in a real life setting away from the stores.

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