DAVIDROZIf you’re the superstitious type then Friday 13th will mean you are taking extra care today. As always there will be no stepping on the cracks in the pavement or walking under ladders and additional precautions are guaranteed to be taken around mirrors. At Tiles Porcelain we don’t believe in any of that old codswallop, which is why today we are giving you a closer look at our premium quality I13 Grey Glazed Matt Porcelain tiles.

Strangely, folklore also has it that you should also avoid getting your hair cut on this day but David Rozman obviously looks upon superstition with a similar disdain as we do, as he chose the I13 tiles for his Hair Salon in Manchester.

I13With many of us obsessed with doing everything possible to avoid an accident on this day, these matt finish tiles in fact have the ideal surface for preventing any untimely slip ups as David Rozman explains: “We are very aware of health and safety especially when you work with hair products that may increase slip hazards and that is why we chose tiles with a matt finish.”

The I13 Grey Glazed Matt Porcelain is an excellent choice for walls and floors and we believe that you’ll be the lucky ones if you choose this tile.

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