Organic & chic Sandstone Leaf Ceramic tile for auction houses

Ordinary to high class society people all go to auction houses. This is a place that is visited by celebrities, famous personalities and even socialites. Interior designers carefully design these houses so that they can be presentable and beautiful for all the people visiting the auction houses. Dartmoor Naturals Sandstone leaf ceramic tile of size 398mm x 123 mm is one of the finest choices for the auction houses. Chosen by famous designers and bought from this is a classy and beautifully printed tile for walls and even floors.

This tile can be used for border, pillars or even panels. Many people have chosen these tiles for their restaurants, big hotels, offices and even homes. This is a tile which can be used with both traditional as well as a contemporary design. It can blend with all colours.

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Call Us For Tiles - 0191 378 3896
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