Zultanite Grey Quartz Mosaics

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Sparkly Grey Mosaics

These sparkly grey mosaics will glamorise your home by enhancing your interior decor. The zultanite grey colour is vibrant and will accentuate light and space. You can use it on walls and floors in bathrooms, wet rooms and kitchens or alternatively create a decorative feature around shower areas and wash basins. The reflective mirror particles within these engineered quartz mosaics will reflect light and provide a unique glow throughout your living space. The individual 30x30mm square mosaics are formatted upon 305x305mm sheets. Each sheet contains 81 mosaics in total. These mosaic tiles have a 97% quartz content.

Create a Stylish Border or Backsplash

Sparkly grey quartz mosaics are versatile as they can be used as either a mosaic or backsplash. Grey has a neutral quality and can be matched to superb effect with popular colours like black, white and cream. The sparkly mirror pieces are what really bring interiors to life in spectacular fashion. The highly polished finish also helps to emphasise the unique colour and style.

Create a modern look with Grey Quartz Mosaics

Quartz from Tilesporcelain is perfect for creating a chic, modern look within your home. They are extremely practical and suitable for high traffic areas within the home. Mosaics have been utilised in design features since Ancient Roman times and still remain extremely relevant to contemporary decors. In relation to areas which may experience high thermal conditions like conservatories and when laid upon underfloor heating systems resin based quartz are used at your own risk. Adhesives with a latex compound should be avoided for use with quartz tiles.

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