Red Square Quartz Mirrors

Autumn Tile Sale 2017

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300x300 £249.99 £4.17Each
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400x400 £249.99 £4.17Each
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Product Details
Order Code QZX-S-RED
Material Quartz
Colour Red
Finish Polished
Ideal For Wall
Quartz Installation Guide
Sparkzle Epoxy Grout Technical Guide
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Slight imperfections are evident on these mirrors

A vibrant red frame with sparkly mirror particles means that these mirrors can be utilised - to spectacular effect - as a focal point in bathrooms and bedrooms. Red Square Quartz Mirrors are a chic and modern choice for interiors in both residential and commercial properties. The mirror frames are of premium quality and are therefore extremely hard wearing and durable. The emphatic red colour gives these mirrors a stand-out quality which is guaranteed to wow your guests. Like all resin based materials, the inclusion of quartz as part of a conservatory design or other high thermal area is at your own risk.

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