Slate Tiles

Slate Tiles

Increasing demand for slate means we are always adding to our collection

For genuine rustic character within your home, it is definitely worth considering this fantastic tile range. Slate is primarily known as a natural stone tile and is used for roofs and other exterior areas but in recent years it has also become an established material within the interior design market. These produce an elegant appearance on the floors and walls of both residential living spaces and traditional-style pubs and restaurants. They also work well in more contemporary spaces and can be used to enhance just about any architectural style.

Why Choose this Material?

The varying shades and unique textures prompt many to use slate as part of traditional decors. They certainly add charm, style and character to the overall design. From a practical perspective, they are a welcome addition to kitchens and bathrooms as they have a low moisture absorption rate. They are also less slippery than many alternatives, which makes this material the ideal choice for specific areas of the home. The durability of slate also makes it suitable for high traffic areas of flooring, giving you a long lasting, resilient finish.

Order a Tile Sample Today!

If you are interested in this collection and in choosing slate for your home or business why not order a tile sample from Tilesporcelain now. This allows you to really see and feel the material, giving you peace of mind that you are making the right choice when ordering. We are proud that we are able to offer the highest possible quality of slate at the best possible prices.

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