Slate Wall/Floor Tiles Used Outdoors

Slate Wall/Floor Tiles Used Outdoors

The Beauty of Slate Tiles in Your Garden

Exterior Tiling

You might not expect tiles to be such a great choice for your garden, and you'd be right in some cases as certain types are suitable for interiors only. There are specific varieties, however, which are perfect for your garden. Slate outdoor tiles provide a rustic appearance, created by a natural riven texture. Its versatility means it can be used in different ways throughout your garden, including patios, raised flower beds and walls. You can choose from a range of colours which fit within your garden design and layout.
Read on for more information on how slate outdoor tiles can transform your garden.

Unique Appearance of Slate Outdoor Tiles

Slate is a natural stone. Unlike engineered tiles which often have a uniformed pattern and colour, no two slate tiles are the same, creating a unique appearance. This provides slate designs with immense character. The way the slate is laid can also add to the look of this natural stone. Instead of standard grid patterns, slate tends to be tiled in a brick effect style for a rugged look in gardens. With regards to patio flooring, the textured riven surface provides a high level of slip resistance under foot, even when wet. This stone provides your garden with a hard wearing and durable surface.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Slate Outdoor Tiles

Maintenance is reduced anyway the more patio space you have in comparison to lawn. Whereas lawn requires cutting and looking after on a regular basis natural stone tiles do not. Sealing after installation is recommended. This prevents damage to the stone by creating a protective layer, combating water damage and subsequent staining. Once you notice the stone is beginning to absorb more water as it takes longer to dry the process of sealing can be repeated. An impregnating sealer is considered the best choice for slate outdoor tiles. Cleaning can be achieved through general sweeping with a soft brush. In most cases a patio can be washed with a power washer, which eliminates most patches of dirt and mud.