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Staircase Manufacture
Welcome to the innovative staircase section of our website. We can manufacture any staircase in any material in any part of the UK. Our bespoke staircases have been fitted in many prestigious buildings in the UK from 5 star hotels, casino’s, banks, manor houses, restaurants, nightclubs and many more projects

Dream Development
If you have the idea we can put your put your dreams into reality... We travel anywhere in the UK to template and fit. The only requirement needed is detailed plan of your staircase emailed or faxed to us so we can accurately price the job. There are many types of materials available in which we can manufacture the perfect staircase for your project the limits are endless.

20 yrs experience in manufacturing template and fit bespoke staircases all over the UK.

About Multi Storey Access

Quick Guide to Staircases
Detailed information about type or form of staircase at your house will be useful for every owner. If you at least have a general idea about types of staircases and how they look on blueprints this will help you to make up your mind and decide what you want faster. Basically you will have to make a research about types of staircases, materials they are made from and popular forms of staircases. After you read all descriptions you will have an image of what you would like to see in your house. Constructors or architectures will be able to put this image in the house plan or advise you better decisions according to floor space and general décor concept.

Wooden Classics and More
Certainly, the most popular products are wooden staircases. The main reason for that are excellent qualities of wooden staircases. Wooden stairs are reliable, beautiful, convenient, durable, harmless, esthetic and safe. They become a real decorative element to any interior, adding coziness and a pleasant atmosphere. By term “wooden stairs” manufacturers us a whole range of various staircases with hundreds of different types. We are talking about luxury staircases from valuable wood, wooden staircases from coniferous trees, wooden stairs from cherry, oak, beech, etc.

Exotic Woods and Metal Frames
Luxury wooden staircases from exotic wood are often equipped by various designer artwork details. Main accent here is made on elegant handrails, balustrades and handles. Besides, wooden staircases of luxury category can be decorated with floating forged details or decorative ornaments with gilding or patination treatment. Certainly, wooden stairs from exotic wood are reliable, safe to use and simply magnificent on the outside. Combined staircases from metal and wood are one of the most popular in the market. Wooden stairs on a metal carcass provides sufficient rigidity of the construction, plus stairs from metal and wood perfectly fit with any interiors. Wooden and metal staircases are extremely durable. Manufacturing of wooden and combined staircases assumes treating wood with high-quality oils and varnishes. Therefore, wooden stairs on a metal carcass will serve for a long time.

Glass and Metal
Another type of combined staircases is glass stairs executed on a metal carcass. Such staircases can be easily placed into any interior - starting with classics and up to postmodern décor. Staircases from glass and metal are ideal for installation on small spaces as they visually increase a room area. Additional benefits of staircases from glass and metal are their compactness, safety and absolute reliability.

Luxury of Natural Stones
There are no stronger or more reliable materials than ' an eternal stone ' - granite. Granite is one of a few materials that are capable to absorb skills of medieval craftsmen, ideas of modern engineers and to carry them through centuries. Granite staircases are not only esthetic details with a note of solid elegance, they are also extremely practical. First of all, granite staircases are reliable and durable. Secondly, beautiful stone of noble shades radiates exotic of old times causing subconscious association with ancient castles impregnated by romanticism. Besides, granite doesn’t wear off, it’s not destructed by water or temperatures change, granite is not afraid of impacts and other mechanical influences. Finest marble mosaic, shining polished steps, ice luxury of marble which allows us to feel like monarchs ascending to a throne. What can be more beautiful than sensation of eternity and beauty of a natural stone? Try to touch cool polished surface of marble, feel its smooth nacre and admire nature’s arabesque imagination when this unique material has been created.

New methods of marble treating have expanded possibilities of its usage as finishing and facing building material. Therefore, from a category of luxury goods marble has been transferred to the category of affordable luxury products. Nowadays you can create your own castle by ordering marble staircases. Designers often use not just white and black marble, but also apply various pictures, marble mosaics, details from marble or granite, decorative borders and sockets.

Adding Age
Antique style is especially popular among staircases styles and models, so you can often find aged marble staircases. Such marble not only looks if it has been polished by centuries, but its surface feels warmer and impregnated with sun light. Aged marble staircases are especially effective details for halls, living rooms or halls of prestigious offices. Besides, antique marble is not as dangerous as polished marble, so staircases do not become slippery even if you spill water on them.

Choosing Form of Staircase
Available space is a main factor when it comes to choosing forms of staircases. Straight-stair type is the easiest and the most available type of staircases. But since staircases with a ladder platform (for example, L-and U-shaped models) are safer and easier to come upstairs or downstairs they are more popular than straight-stair models. Circular staircases take less of precious floor space, but they are very difficult to use. Frequently houses with such stairs are often equipped with additional stairs with easier access to furniture.

Going Round in a Spiral
The most popular form of staircases is spiral staircase which had been invented centuries ago and was one of the basic means for moving around a fortress or a castle. Nowadays there are new types of spiral staircases, different variants of its finishing, but spiral staircases still save floor space and bring some ancient atmosphere into the interior concept.

A Few Words About Steps
Steps are essential parts of staircases construction, their form and a material usually determine the whole concept of construction. According to functional and architectural tasks steps are made from steady materials that also esthetic surface. Modern steps for staircases are usually made from firm wood (for example, from oak or beech), metal, firm stone materials (concrete, steel concrete, granite, marble, the ceramic plates laid on the concrete basis, etc.), or firm plastic.