Border Tiles

Ideal for adding a decorative feature to a bathroom or kitchen design

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Borders add style and class to interior designs. We have a quality range of natural stone and engineered options, ideal for both commercial and residential properties. You can use borders to complement wall and floor styles and they can feature throughout homes, in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living and dining areas. They are available in a range of styles, colours, designs, sizes and finishes. Browse through our impressive selection for an option that suits your intended design theme.

Create a Unique Look

Borders traditionally feature as a horizontal pattern separating wall patterns on either side. This, however, is not the only method of arranging them. They can also be applied vertically down a wall and may even continue across a bathroom or kitchen floor. They can also be deployed specifically in certain areas, for example as a sink surround or kitchen splash back. They are also used to decorate walls surrounding fireplaces in living areas. These various methods can really add a distinctive style to interior decors, for both domestic and commercial spaces.

Cut Mosaic Sheets To Make Border Patterns and Insets
Our mosaic sheets can easily be cut into strips with a sharp knife or scissors and reassembled to create unique border patterns and insets of any size and shape

How to Apply a Border

Incorporating borders within your bathroom or kitchen wall design can be accomplished with relative ease. It is recommended that you apply the bottom half of the wall covering first to form a basis from which to work from. It is important that you ensure the bottom covering is straight, which can be determined with the use of a spirit level. Marking out the area in preparation is one of the most important aspects of adding a border. Measuring the wall to establish where they will lay is particularly significant in creating a straight and even pattern!