10 Black and White Tile Ideas

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There are few – if any – colour combinations which create such a dramatic appearance as black and white. These contrasting dark and light colours can work in perfect harmony as part of a wide range of designs. Black and white tiles are a popular choice for both walls and floors and this article provides you with plenty of inspiration, whether you are looking to transform the style of your bathroom, kitchen or any other part of your home.

1. Chequered Floor


We’re starting off with an absolute classic. A black and white chequered floor has a retro appeal and was regularly seen throughout diners and barber shops during the 1950’s and 60’s. Recently, black and white chequered floor designs have been making something of a comeback. Plain square black and white porcelain tiles are well suited to modern bathrooms and kitchens, combining effortlessly with contemporary fittings and applications. This floor décor can also be used in other areas of the home including porches, hallways and conservatories.

2. Patterned Tiles


If you are looking to provide an eye-catching appearance then black and white patterned tiles are an excellent choice. Geometric shaped designs are ideal for producing a genuine wow factor and these tiles can be used on either a wall or floor. They can be matched with other black and white features for a consistent theme. Patterned tiles are well suited to kitchen floors, porches and also backsplash designs and feature walls. These ‘busy’ tiles certainly provide areas with a unique look and work extremely well as part of modern and traditional interiors.

3. Marble Effect

Marble Effect

Comprising of a black colour which is interspersed by striking white veins, it is easy to introduce a standout look with marble effect tiles. Marble effect porcelain tiles have a timeless appeal and can be put to great use as part of a wall feature like this. Black and white marble effect porcelain tiles are also used on floors in addition to fireplace surrounds. Choosing these tiles is a great way of introducing a natural look yet with all the practical benefits of an engineered product.

4. Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon tiles are really on trend at the moment and there are various ways in which they can be used on a wall or floor. Combining black and white hexagon tiles together as part of the same design offers a stylish contrast and intriguing aesthetic. Hexagon tiles really allow you to get creative and try different ideas. This tiled hexagon floor design, for example, creates an original feature which is both simple yet effective. Black and white hexagon tiles can also be used as a feature on walls.

5. Decorative Mosaics


Black and white mosaics have a decorative appearance and can be used in various ways as part of bathroom and kitchen layouts. You can choose from plain, sparkly and even patterned varieties - like the tiles pictured. Mosaics are particularly well suited to bathrooms, wet rooms and en suites. Mosaics are attached to flexible mesh sheets which means you can adjust them accordingly to fit within backsplash designs, borders and shower area floors. The flexibility of these mesh sheets also enables mosaics to be applied to rounded surfaces including bathtubs and pillars.

6. Sparkly


Sparkly tiles like quartz have been around for a while now and continue to transform the look of bathrooms and kitchens. The mirror pieces on the surface of black and white quartz tiles reflect light to produce an emphatic look. The sparkly appearance of black and white quartz can be accentuated further by ceiling spotlights. These quartz tiles are perfect for modern layouts. You could contrast white quartz tiles on a wall by choosing black quartz tiles for the floor space.

7. Border


Contrasting a white tiled wall with a black border design is a subtle way of using these two colours. This wall border provides a classy and sophisticated appearance, therefore enhancing the overall design. This design is proof that it is sometimes the small details which have the biggest impact. This border is a minimalistic way of introducing an additional style element. This border looks superb throughout modern bathrooms including above bathtubs and in shower areas. It combines superbly with white bathroom suites and chrome taps.

8. Chevron Pattern


For something a little different, why not opt for a chevron pattern? This design is ideal for creating a stylish backdrop as part of a feature wall. The alternating black and white tile pattern produces an interesting look which is sure to wow your guests. A black and white chevron pattern can be used in bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. This pattern is easiest to create with metro brick tiles, with either plain varieties or those with a marble pattern equally well suited.

9. White Tiles with Black Grout

Black Grout

Combining black and white tiles together as part of the same design is one thing but how about using white tiles with a contrasting black grout? As part of this particular design, the white tiles have been broken up and arranged in a randomised pattern and the black grout helps to enhance the overall style. This design is capable of transforming the appearance of an entire room. It certainly represents something out of the ordinary and can really bring an interior to life. You could even add sparkly glitter to the grout in order to produce an even more fascinating appearance.

10. Black Tiles with White Grout

White Grout

You might have guessed that this one was coming as not only can you use white tiles with black grout but also black tiles with white grout! The white grout lines really help to emphasise the distinctive black colour, producing a combination which can work superbly in modern bathrooms and kitchens. This combination is recommended for both walls and floors for an all-round consistent décor. It works to great effect with either larger format or small square black tiles depending on your preference and the size of the area in question.


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