10 Popular Cream Tiles

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Cream is a colour which is often chosen in order to provide a neutral backdrop and is well suited to modern bathrooms and kitchens. There are a wide variety of cream tiles to choose from and there are various ways in which they can be used in order to transform your home style. If you are thinking of choosing cream tiles for your next design then we recommend that you continue reading this article as we have highlighted some of the more popular varieties. Not only do we focus on ways you can transform your interior space but also your garden and exterior areas too.

1. Plain Cream Porcelain Tiles

Plain Cream

We are starting off with a genuine classic. Plain cream porcelain tiles are a versatile option which can be used in bathrooms, kitchens and throughout living and dining areas. Both matt and polished varieties are available and are perfect for creating a neutral backdrop. For a consistent décor, plain cream tiles can be used on both walls and floors. Porcelain is also hardwearing and easy to clean, making it a practical option for home designs. When used as a floor covering, these tiles can be matched with plain white walls in order to create a minimalistic feel.

2. Marble Effect Cream Tiles

Cream Marble Effect

One of the most sought after varieties of cream tiles are those with a marble style. This veined pattern adds character to interior layouts, offering a timeless appeal. Marble effect Cream porcelain and ceramic tiles are selected for feature walls in addition to areas of flooring. These tiles offer a great alternative to genuine natural stone as they are both easy to clean and maintain. Whether you choose a light or dark cream marble effect tile, they match extremely well with brown, white and black colours.

3. Cream Mosaic Tiles

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If you are looking to provide a wall with a border or backsplash feature then cream mosaic tiles may just be the perfect option. From natural stone to sparkly quartz and also glass varieties, you have plenty of cream mosaic tiles to choose between. Cream mosaics are well suited to contemporary bathrooms and kitchens. A popular choice is to use cream mosaics as part of shower areas and also as classy sink and bath surrounds in modern bathrooms. Not only are cream mosaics selected for wall designs but the flexible mesh backing enables them to be applied within wet room shower areas.

4. Cream Metro Brick Tiles

Hexagon Tiles

It is almost guaranteed that you have seen metro brick tiles before, whether that’s in a friend’s house, in a shop or restaurant or maybe a hotel. They offer a retro look and are ideal for wall designs, as part of a backsplash or feature. The cream colour works well as a kitchen backsplash and can be complemented by stone or wooden worktops. As part of an understated theme, cream metro brick tiles can be matched with a light ivory grout. Cream Metro Tiles are generally arranged within a running bond pattern in order emphasise the brick format. The bevelled edge is what creates the ‘brick look.’

5. Cream Outdoor Paving


Cream tiles are not only incorporated within interior home designs but can also be used to transform the exterior of your home including your garden. Outdoor Porcelain Paving tiles have the required durability to withstand the elements. This paving can be used as a patio or path. The cream colour offers something a little different to colours like grey and red, which you would usually associate with exterior areas. Cream porcelain paving is also a good option for pool and pond surrounds as it has a high level of slip resistance.

6. Sparkly Cream Tiles


If you are looking to create a genuine wow factor in your home then nothing quite compares to sparkly quartz tiles. These tiles have a surface covered in reflective mirror pieces. Cream quartz is well suited to a variety of bathroom and kitchen designs. These tiles are ideal for producing a standout look in your home. Regardless of whether you are looking to provide a wall with a stylish feature or create a unique floor designs, cream quartz is a highly versatile option. You can even enhance the appearance of sparkly quartz with the introduction of strategically placed lighting.

7. Cream Brick Slips


Ok, so they’re not technically tiles but Brick Slips are an excellent choice for wall designs. These brick veneers provide the appearance of a genuine brick wall and can work superbly as a feature or fireplace surround. The cream shade offers a nice change from traditional brick colours like red and grey. The style and character of these Brick Slips can be emphasised when arranged within a running bond (brick pattern) formation. For a consistent appearance, you can match cream brick slips with a similarly coloured light grout. They are ideal for creating a rustic wall design.

8. Cream Cladding Tiles


Cladding is well suited to both interior and exterior areas. Rock Panel Wall Cladding provides an extremely stylish appearance and works superbly as a feature. Cladding with a cream colour will match with an array of materials and features. This cladding can be incorporated within a wide variety of areas including as part of a backsplash or fireplace surround. For the continuation of a natural or rustic theme, you can match rock panel cladding with genuine natural stone or stone effect tiles.

9. Patterned Cream Tiles

Black Grout

Create an eye-catching feature in your home by choosing cream patterned tiles. Tiles which have a decorative pattern offer something a little different to plain varieties. They can be used to great effect as part of a feature wall, backsplash and even throughout areas of flooring. There are various patterns to select from, depending on your taste, including geometric shapes and floral designs. For a stylish contrast, it is a popular technique to arrange patterned cream tiles alongside plain varieties.

10. Cream Natural Stone Tiles

White Grout

If you are looking to introduce a truly unique character then nothing quite compares to genuine natural stone. You have a range of different options when it comes to choosing cream natural stone tiles for your wall or floor. Marble is renowned for its distinctive veined appearance which is great for feature walls in bathrooms, kitchens and living areas. Other cream natural stone tiles include limestone, which is notable for its subtle features. Travertine is another popular choice and is particularly well suited to modern bathrooms.


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