10 Wet Room Tile Ideas

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A wet room offers a streamlined alternative to a standard bathroom. It can be used as an en suite or even as an additional bathroom as part of a loft conversion or home extension. Wet Rooms are a particularly good idea if you have a limited amount of space to work with. Maybe you already have a wet room in your home and are looking for new ways to update the décor and create a real wow factor? If so, then you have arrived at the right place as these amazing designs will provide you with plenty of inspiration when it comes to transforming the look and style of your wet room with wall and floor tiles.

1. Hexagon Wall to Floor Tile Design

Hexagon Wet Room Tiles

Something that is really on trend at the moment is Hexagon Tiles. These tiles create a unique look in any room including as part of modern wet room interiors. A popular technique is to create a hexagon tile design which flows from wall to floor. This technique of using the same style on both the wall and floor provides a high level of consistency. It also creates an extremely eye-catching appearance and is something that will really wow your guests. If you are interested in introducing a hexagon tile design within your wet room, bathroom or en suite then we have a vast array of different options available including this stone effect hexagon tile.

2. Mosaic Wet Room Floor

Mosaic Wet Room

Mosaics fit perfectly within modern wet room layouts and can be used to equally good effect on either a wall or floor. As part of the floor design in a shower area, mosaic tiles are perfect from the perspective of both style and practicality. Not only are there a wide variety of styles to select from, including sparkly and natural stone, but the increased amount of grout lines provides a greater level of slip resistance underfoot opposed to standard format tiles. The flexibility of mosaics is also a key element of wet room floor designs as a slope is required for efficient drainage in this area.

3. Natural Stone

Natural Stone Wet Room

Create a distinctive look in your wet room with natural stone tiles. Natural tiles like marble, limestone and granite have a timeless character which is capable of transforming the look of walls and floors. You can use the same variety of natural stone throughout your wet room or alternatively you could contrast the style from wall to floor. Large format natural stone tiles can even make smaller wet rooms appear bigger. Natural stone is perfect for providing wet rooms with a classy and sophisticated appearance. If you love the look of natural stone but still want all the practical benefits of an engineered tile then stone effect porcelain is an excellent option.

4. Loft Conversion Wet Room

Loft Conversion Wet Room

If you want a larger property but don’t want to move location then building an extension may seem like the most obvious option. However, extensions are expensive and may require planning permission. Making the most of your existing home through a loft conversion may therefore be the most cost effective and logical option. An additional bedroom with an en suite will always come in handy, especially when you have guests round to stay. Making this en suite in to a streamlined wet room is the obvious choice. In these areas, less certainly equals more and minimalistic contemporary designs are not surprisingly the most popular option within loft conversion wet rooms.

5. Stone Cladding Feature

Stone Cladding

Stone wall cladding is capable of transforming any interior space. In wet rooms, cladding produces a standout appearance within shower and sink areas and as a feature wall. Stone cladding has a rustic look and rugged texture which contrasts superbly with floor tiles which have a smooth finish. Rock Panel Cladding produces a truly unique character as part of both contemporary and traditional wet room interiors. The distinctive look of cladding is capable of bringing wet room interiors to life. This cladding adds a stylish look to walls and works superbly as part of a natural theme.

6. Wood Effect Design

Wood Effect Tiles

Wood styles are certainly popular at the moment and they offer a fresh and timeless appeal within modern wet rooms. Wood Effect tiles not only provide an authentic appearance but also have an array of practical qualities as they are both easy to clean and low maintenance. A natural wood appearance is also perfect for emphasising space throughout a wet room. It can be matched with traditional bathroom features like chrome handles, clear glass doors and white panels. Wood effect tiles can be used on both a wall and floor for a log cabin style.

7. Grey Wet Room

Grey Tiles

Provide wet rooms with a minimalistic feel by choosing grey tiles. Whether you opt for plain, patterned or wood effect varieties, grey tiles are a great choice for contemporary spaces. Grey colours match well with brown wooden features and clear glass shower doors. Grey is one of the best options for modern wet room designs. Concrete effect tiles are certainly popular at the moment for wet room and bathroom designs as they provide a truly unique character. If you are thinking of introducing a stylish and sophisticated look then there is a vast array of grey tiles available to select from .

8. Brick Slip Wall Feature

Brick Slip

A brick wall feature will provide modern wet rooms with a rustic appeal. Brick slips are lightweight brick veneers which can be used in any type of property, both old and new. A classic brick wall feature will provide wet rooms with immense character and combine superbly with either a wood style or patterned floor. You can acquire brick slips in many different colours including traditional red or grey and yellow. Brick slip tiles can be incorporated to great effect within shabby chic wet room interiors. They are a great choice if you are looking to add a genuine wow factor to your wet room layout.

9. Glass Mosaic Wall

Glass Mosaics

Create a decorative look in your wet room with glass mosaics. These tiles work superbly as part of stunning wall features and shower surrounds. Glass mosaic tiles will not only create a decorative look but the sleek and smooth surface ensures they can be simply wiped dry as part of the maintenance process. Glass mosaic wall tiles can be matched with a mosaic feature on floors or contrasted with standard format tiles. Glass mosaics are ideal if you are on the lookout for a standout appeal that will really wow your guests. The many different types of glass mosaics available will ensure you can find the perfect variety for your chosen wet room layout.

10. Neutral Wet Room

Neutral Tiles

Providing your wet room with a neutral design can be a really effective way of making the most of the available space. Neutral colours fit extremely well within minimalistic, contemporary layouts. The use of colours such as cream and grey are ideal for providing a neutral backdrop in any wet room. These colours can be complemented by other streamlined features like ceiling spotlights and discreet sink and toilet applications. Clear glass and wall mirrors can further enhance this minimalistic appeal. Neutral designs are also a good idea if you are renovating a property with the intention of putting it up for sale in the near future.


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