5 Stylish Bathrooms with Wood Effect Tiles

Wood Effect Bathroom

Natural wood has a characterful and timeless appeal which provides areas with a unique charm, but unfortunately it is not the most suitable material for bathrooms. Water and natural wood simply do not mix but thankfully there is an excellent alternative in the shape of wood effect tiles. Basically, these are manmade tiles – usually porcelain and ceramic – which provide a classic wood style in your bathroom as well as a covering which is both easy to clean and low maintenance. If you are beginning to warm to the idea of choosing wood effect tiles for your bathroom then you might just get some style ideas here.

1. Cherry Wood Effect Wall Design


Although you might consider wood tiles to be more of a flooring option, this bathroom proves they are equally well suited to wall designs. This wood effect tile has a cherry brown colour and works extremely well with the understated grey features. The colour is emphasised further by ceiling spotlights which can brighten the appearance of any bathroom. A wood style feature wall like this is ideal for modern bathrooms, offering a classy and sophisticated touch. These tiles are made from porcelain and have been used in the shower area, in which they provide a surface which is easy to dry and clean.

2. Light Brown Wood Effect Wall and Floor Design

Light Brown

What this bathroom may lack in privacy, it certainly makes up for in style! The use of a light brown colour and big emphasis on natural sunlight to illuminate the area has provided this bathroom with a relaxed and spacious feel. Its simplistic layout and consistent use of wood effect tiles on both the wall and floor really opens out the available space. The utilisation of popular white and chrome features means you may be able to envisage how wood effect tiles like these will look as part of your own bathroom design.

3. Reclaimed Wood Effect Feature


Aside from traditional wood styles like Walnut and Oak, a reclaimed wood look is becoming increasingly popular for interior layouts. Within this particular bathroom design, these Reclaimed Wood Effect Tiles provide a rustic appearance. This all-round wall feature is perfect for introducing a unique character. Even in a smaller bathroom like this, reclaimed wood effect panels can have a transformative effect. These tiles certainly offer something a little out of the ordinary. The stylish look is emphasised by wall lights. The contrasting styles on the panels themselves, including blue and brown colours, produces an interesting look.

4. Wood Effect Tiles with Natural Stone


For an all-round natural look you could combine wood effect tiles with marble or another natural stone product. A design like this provides a classy look through the use of natural features and soft colours. It is certainly in-keeping with the old adage that ‘less is more’ with its minimalistic theme. The subtle veined marble tiles combine extremely well with the wood effect tiles on the wall and floor. This bathroom offers an excellent place to relax and unwind after a busy day as it has a soothing and uncomplicated décor.

5. Grey Wood Effect Bathroom Design

Grey Bathroom

Wood is a material which is mostly associated with the colour brown but wood effect tiles are also available in grey. Grey tiles are a popular choice and are ideal for providing interiors with a neutral backdrop. This bathroom design comprises of grey wood effect tiles which have been complemented by modern applications. The use of grey stone effect tiles and other grey features provides a consistent appearance. This design is proof that grey wood effect tiles are equally well suited to either a wall or floor. Even in smaller bathrooms, wood style porcelain and ceramic tiles can have a big impact on the overall design.

Wood Effect Tiles

In general, Wood Effect Tiles are not only cheaper to buy than real wood flooring but they are also cheaper to install. Specialised accessories, including varnishes and sealants, are required for real wood and the cost of these all add up in the long term. On the other hand, only basic levels of maintenance are required for wood effect porcelain.


Engineered products like Porcelain and Ceramic are less moisture absorbent and more heat resistant than genuine wood. Whilst a genuine wood floor will react to moisture and heat by expanding and contracting, which can cause warping, these tiles have a surface and composition which is a lot more difficult to affect. Electric underfloor heating systems are therefore more compatible with tiles.


Wood effect tiles are both easier to install and easier to maintain than genuine wood flooring. If a wood porcelain or ceramic tile becomes damaged then you should have some spare from the original installation which you can replace it with. Wood effect tiles are also longer lasting as they have a stronger composition.


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