5 Ways to use Patterned Tiles in your Home

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The use of plain designs and styles is popular for modern layouts but for something a little bit different, patterned tiles are certainly capable of producing a genuine wow factor. Patterned tiles have a ‘busy’ appearance often comprising of a decorative look. There are a wide range of patterned tiles to select from including Moroccan styles, floral designs and tiles which display a geometric shaped pattern. In this article we take a look at the ways patterned tiles can be used to transform many parts of the home.

1. Patterned Fireplace Design


You can rejuvenate the appearance of your fireplace with the use of patterned tiles like these. Whether you have a modern or traditional fireplace, patterned tiles are perfect for really bringing this area to life. A patterned tiled fireplace can be contrasted with a plain wall colour as this will really emphasise the design. When used in this way, patterned tiles can provide your living room with a real focal point and will be the first thing people notice when they enter the room. A fireplace design like this is a good example of how sometimes less is more and you don’t necessarily need to create an entire feature wall with patterned tiles in order to have a big impact on the overall style of your interior.

2. Wall to Floor Patterned Feature


Creating a design which flows from wall to floor with patterned tiles can have a stunning visual effect. This is a style which certainly produces a genuine wow factor and can really help to emphasise the available space. Using the same patterned tiles on both the wall and floor also provides a consistent décor. Choosing patterned tiles which have multiple shapes and features can certainly provide an eye-catching appearance. This style can work in many different parts of the home including living rooms and dining areas. Also, if the surrounding design comprises of standard neutral colours like cream and grey then this is a great way of introducing a contrasting colour.

3. Centred Patterned Floor Design

Centred Floor

A feature floor with patterned tiles does not have to take up the entire floor space in order to provide a stylish and decorative look. A feature like this can really catch your attention without being too overpowering. This particular design can work extremely well within modern kitchens. This is a great way of introducing an additional style element to your interior layout. You could even match the floor design with the same pattern on the wall in order to continue this particular theme. This design is proof that a simple patterned feature can still be in-keeping with a minimalistic, contemporary décor.

4. Full Patterned Floor Design

Full Floor

If you are looking to make a big design statement in your home then a full patterned tiled floor might just be the perfect option. The use of Moroccan style tiles is really effective at providing a standout look throughout flooring areas like this. You can use decorative feature tiles on floors within a specific room or throughout your home as part of an open plan layout. Contrasting a ‘busy’ floor design like this with a plain wall décor is a popular technique for really emphasising the pattern on the tile. Full patterned floor designs are perfect for adding character to your home and are capable of transforming interior spaces. Full patterned floors are also well suited to smaller areas like porches, hallways and conservatories.

5. Patterned Bathroom Interior


Transform the look of your bathroom by introducing patterned wall and floor tiles. These decorative tiles fit perfectly within contemporary layouts and can be complemented by modern bathroom applications. This patchwork style is excellent for family bathrooms, en suites and wet rooms. By using the same tiles on both the wall and floor, a consistent décor can be achieved. On walls, you can use versatile patterned tiles as a backsplash above sinks and baths and also in shower areas or as a border. On bathroom floors, these patterned tiles can produce a truly unique style. They can also be used as a bath or covering or as part of a square pillar design.


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