50 Kitchen Tile Ideas


With so many tile options to choose from, creating the perfect style in your kitchen can be a difficult task. From marble mosaics or metro brick wall designs to deciding between natural stone or sparkly quartz on a floor, there are so many different choices to be made. If you have an upcoming kitchen project and are looking for some inspiration then these 50 Kitchen Tile Ideas will hopefully guide you in the right direction.

1. Marble Mosaic Backsplash

We’re starting off with a classic backsplash covering – mosaics! These individual tile pieces are arranged on flexible mesh sheets for easy application and are perfect for creating a decorative look on kitchen walls above a worktop. These marble mosaic tiles provide modern kitchens with a timeless character and can be matched with contemporary units and countertops. This particular marble variety has a fossil style, opposed to a traditionally veined appearance, and therefore produces a truly unique décor. Not only do these marble mosaic tiles look superb as part of backsplash designs but they can also be used as part of a kitchen border.

2. Slate Floor

Natural Slate is perfect for introducing a distinctive character as it has a rustic charm. Multi Slate floor tiles can be incorporated, to stunning effect, within farmhouse style kitchen interiors like this. As part of farmhouse kitchens, slate matches superbly with wooden ceiling beams and also wooden countertops. Slate tiles can also be combined with other natural stone materials. The way in which slate is extracted and cut from the ground produces a classic riven finish which further enhances any kitchen floor design. These tiles are often selected for larger open plan kitchen/dining designs as they have the required style and durability to transform this particular area.

3. Patterned Backsplash

Add a decorative feature to your kitchen layout with a patterned backsplash. This can provide interiors with a genuine wow factor and really brings this room to life. Patterned tiles are ideal if you are looking to create a standout focal point in your kitchen above your worktop. You can contrast ‘busy’ patterned designs with plain floor tiles and countertops. These tiles offer something a little out of the ordinary which will transform your kitchen space. Feature tiles are certainly on trend at this moment in time and are particularly well suited to modern kitchen layouts.

4. Sparkly Floor

If you are of the opinion that your current kitchen is a bit dull and boring then we may just have the perfect solution. Sparkly quartz tiles are anything but mundane as they have a surface covered in mirror pieces which reflect light in spectacular fashion. Spotlights on the ceiling and also the skirting boards can further accentuate the sparkly appearance of quartz tiles. They work superbly as part of contemporary kitchen decors, combining extremely well with plain units and applications. Quartz kitchen floor tiles are available in various colours like black white and grey and this stunning red variety is also available.

5. Matching Wall and Floor

To achieve a consistent kitchen design you could match the tiles on the wall with the same variety on the floor. In this case, natural stone marble has been used on both the wall and floor and therefore adds genuine character to interior areas. These grey marble tiles certainly provide this kitchen with a classy and sophisticated style. Grey is a colour which works particularly well as part of modern designs and can be matched to great effect with black or white colours. Continuing a theme throughout the same room is a design technique favoured by interior designers and property experts.

6. Black and White Chequered Floor

A classic chequered floor remains a popular option for kitchens. As part of this kitchen design, square plain black and white porcelain tiles have been arranged in a chequered pattern and fit perfectly within the retro theme. This distinctive colour combination provides a really eye-catching look. Not only can this floor design be used specifically within a kitchen but could also flow to other parts of the home including hallways and living areas. This black and white chequered tile floor design is not only popular for kitchens but also for shops and cafes.

7. Grey Subway Backsplash

A classic brick effect style can be achieved through the introduction of Subway Tiles. These tiles have a bevelled design which creates the stylish brick appearance. They can be arranged in a brick formation (running bond pattern) or alternatively as part of a herringbone layout. As part of modern kitchen interiors, Subway Tiles (also known as Metro Brick) are ideal for producing a retro feel. These tiles are also ideal for backsplash designs from a practical perspective as they have a sleek and smooth surface and are therefore easy to clean and maintain. Using a different coloured grout can also really emphasise the brick design.

8. Brick Slip Wall Design

In a traditional or ‘farmhouse’ style kitchen interior, an exposed brick wall is often the preferred option. If you don’t happen to have an existing brick wall in your kitchen then you can create it with Brick Slips. These brick veneers can be used in both old and new properties. As part of a wall design, they add character to kitchen layouts. These Brick Slips match superbly with natural materials and have a rustic quality which transforms any interior space. From open plan kitchen and dining layouts to standard kitchen areas, brick slips are a versatile choice and are well suited to various designs.

9. Limestone Floor

If you are looking to create a truly unique look in your kitchen then nothing quite compares to natural stone. Natural tiles comprise of original features which produce an incredible character within any kitchen design. Limestone is a natural stone which can often contain skeletal fragments of marine organisms which are often seen on the surface of tiles in the form of fossils. This is certainly a feature of limestone which provides a real talking point among guests. A limestone kitchen floor is well suited to a vast array of layouts and matches well with units and worktops in popular colours like grey and black.

10. Glass Backsplash

If you are looking to add a decorative feature within your kitchen in the shape of a backsplash wall then glass tiles may just be the perfect option. Mosaics in a multitude of different colours will provide an eye-catching feature within modern kitchen designs. A glass mosaic wall design can be incorporated to great effect within contemporary interior decors. These glass mosaic tiles offer an intricate design which breathes new life into kitchen decors. Ceiling spotlights and other strategically placed lighting in your kitchen will help to emphasise the look of glass mosaics.

11. Marble Effect Floor

Porcelain and ceramic tiles with a marble appearance are a popular alternative to genuine natural stone in modern kitchens. The veined look of these tiles produces a timeless appeal within any kitchen interior. You can match marble effect tiles with natural stone worktops and also natural wooden units for a stunning overall design. Marble effect tiles are chosen for standard kitchen areas in addition to more expansive interiors like open plan designs. The veined style is certainly a distinctive feature which transforms any kitchen. Natural stone effect tiles like marble style porcelain varieties have all the practical qualities you would expected from a high quality manmade product.

12. Grey Wall Cladding

For something that will really transform the look of your kitchen, few options compare to Rock Panel Wall Cladding. These panels can be arranged on walls to create a rustic feature above worktops in any kitchen. Grey cladding can be complemented by popular black and white colours as part of contemporary layouts. This rugged textured cladding can be contrasted by smooth matt or polished kitchen flooring. In addition to backsplash designs, cladding can also be used for kitchen island surrounds. Lights above the backsplash can emphasise both the appearance and texture of a rock panel cladding wall.

13. Plain Black Floor Tiles

Black tiles offer a distinctive look on kitchen floors. This versatile colour matches with a wide range of features as part of contemporary kitchen layouts. One of the most popular techniques is to contrast black flooring with white units. Plain black porcelain tiles are well suited to busy kitchen areas as they not only provide a stylish look but also a high level of durability. The reflective quality of black polished tiles can be emphasised by kitchen ceiling lights. Plain black matt tiles are also chosen for kitchens and they have a surface which absorbs light opposed to reflecting it.

14. Sparkly Mosaic Backsplash

We’ve already seen how sparkly tiles can transform the look of kitchen floors but how about trying them on a wall? Quartz mosaics offer the same sparkly appearance but in this much sought after intricate design which is ideal for backsplash coverings. This mosaic design has a standout quality which can be emphasised further by strategically placed lighting. The mirror pieces will reflect light and sparkle emphatically as part of a backsplash wall. These versatile mosaics can also be used as part of a border design. If you are using black mosaics like this then contrasting them with a white coloured grout really helps to emphasise this décor.

15. Grey Floor Tiles

The versatility of grey ensures it remains a popular colour for a wide variety of kitchen projects. As a floor covering, grey tiles can be matched superbly with colourful backsplash designs and also black or white units and worktops. If you have a kitchen/diner layout within your home then grey floor tiles can be incorporated effortlessly within open plan designs. Hardwearing grey porcelain tiles are ideal for kitchens from both the perspective of style and durability. Large grey square tiles tend to be arranged in a standard grid formation whereas rectangular grey tiles are better suited to a half bond pattern.

16. Orange Metro Wall

If you are looking to provide your kitchen with a genuine focal point then look no further than bright orange metro brick ceramic wall tiles. These tiles have a standout quality and could provide a real topic of discussion among your guests. Ok, they may not to be to everybody’s liking but these orange tiles are certainly enough to transform the appearance of any room. A light coloured grout certainly helps to emphasise the colour and also the brick layout. These tiles are a great kitchen wall backsplash idea for modern designs and certainly have an eye-catching appeal.

17. Wood Effect Floor

Provide floors in your kitchen with a natural style by choosing Wood Effect Porcelain. These tiles have a classic wood appearance provided by a wood-veined and knotted style. The plank-like format is also a close to resemblance to natural wood flooring and can really transform areas when arranged in a running bond pattern. These tiles can be matched with wood style worktops for a consistent décor. Wood Effect Tiles can be used in standard layouts in addition to kitchen/dining areas and are therefore perfect for open plan designs. Not only do these tiles have a natural appearance and timeless style but wood effect porcelain.

18. Natural Stone Marble

The unique character of natural marble is enough to transform the look of walls and floors in any kitchen. The classic veined style produces a timeless appeal and provides a certain charm. Complementing marble with modern applications, units and worktops is a popular technique. You can also match marble with other natural materials like wood and stone to great effect. Marble can work superbly on either a kitchen wall or floor making it a versatile material. You can choose from marble tiles in both square and rectangular formats. Kitchen lighting can emphasise the natural marble veins.

19. Tiled Skirting

In order to provide additional style and to make the best use of the tiles you have acquired, tiled skirting is an excellent option. This sparkly skirting matches well with the floor and certainly adds a stylish finish. Tiled skirting is just another element which can provide your kitchen with a genuine wow factor. In addition to style, skirting tiles also work from a practical perspective as they protect the underlying wall near the floor which is an area which can be prone to scuffing and damage. If you are looking to add tiled skirting to your kitchen all you have to do is order extra tiles and make the appropriate cuts for the size of the skirting you desire.

20. Hexagon Wall Tiles

Create a spectacular feature on walls with hexagon tiles. These tiles certainly offer an extraordinary look on walls and can be complemented by standard format floor tiles. From stone effect varieties to those with a bright colour and glossy finish, hexagon wall tiles have a standout look and are perfect for modern kitchen layouts. These tiles provide an ideal backsplash in kitchens above worktops and cooker hobs. Hexagon mosaics are also a good option for walls as they are attached to a mesh sheet and can be applied to a substrate with ease. Mosaics could also be incorporated within a stylish border.

21. Plain White Floor

Introduce a classic look as part of a contemporary kitchen layout by choosing plain white floor tiles. These tiles will match with a vast array of worktop and unit colours and can be complemented by simple patterns for a fresh and inviting style. Plain white tiles are great for accentuating the available space and can be enhanced further by natural light through a window and artificial lighting provided by ceiling spotlights. Both polished and matt white porcelain tiles are well suited to kitchen floor designs and also provide a hardwearing and durable surface. With the white colour offering a neutral quality, these tiles can remain even when you decide to update your unit or wall design.

22. White Wall Cladding

White rock wall cladding is ideal for introducing a unique look within your kitchen. The white colour and textured panel design ensures these tiles can be contrasted by popular black worktops to stunning effect. Spotlights can really emphasise the look of a white wall cladding backsplash. White cladding even has a sparkly style which is of course another style element which will breathe new life into your home. The rock panel design certainly produces a rustic quality and means this cladding can be incorporated within both modern properties and older houses.

23. Sparkly Countertop

If you have a plain kitchen wall or floor design then you can enhance the overall look with sparkly quartz countertops. These worktops have a surface covered in mirror pieces and will reflect light to produce an emphatic appearance. The appearance of these countertops is emphasised by a highly polished finish. They work extremely well within modern interior layouts and can be cleaned and maintained with ease. Kitchen lighting can be effective at accentuating the look of sparkly quartz worktops. You could even match sparkly tiles with quartz worktops but a more preferred technique is to contrast them with plain tiles.

24. Travertine Floor

Provide your kitchen with a real natural covering by choosing Travertine Floor Tiles. Travertine is a natural stone which is formed near hot natural springs and is notable for its soft neutral colours of cream and beige. The unique natural features are created by its formation. The surface of Travertine tends to be finished through a process of honing which produces a smooth yet non gloss matt appearance. Travertine flooring is well suited to farmhouse style kitchen interiors. The appearance of rectangular Travertine floor tiles can be enhanced further when arranged in a running bond layout.

25. Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles are a clay-based product which can be incorporated within rustic, farmhouse style kitchen layouts. These tiles traditionally have a red colour and are square in shape. They can be matched with wood units and worktops for an impressive overall style. These tiles are often contrasted with a light coloured grout which really helps to emphasise the red terracotta colour. Many varieties of Terracotta have a matt finish which provides a surface with a high level of slip resistance. Terracotta tiles have the required style and durability to be applied in kitchens and also throughout the home in living rooms, hallways and dining areas.

26. Plain Cream Floor Tiles

Often, the most simplistic of designs are the most effective. This theory can certainly be applied to modern kitchens which have a plain cream floor. Cream is a neutral colour which can work well with a wide range of features and applications. Cream porcelain tiles with a polished finish will combine extremely well with black worktops and grey units. A polished finish helps to emphasise the cream colour and also allows for easy cleaning. These tiles are not only well suited to kitchens but can also be used throughout living rooms and dining areas.

27. Wood Cladding Kitchen Feature

Create a stunning feature wall in your kitchen with wood cladding. These cladding panels have a rustic quality which provides a truly unique character. This cladding matches well with other natural materials and also stone effect tiles. The randomised formation and texture created by the protruding structure can be emphasised by contemporary kitchen lighting. Wood cladding is not only used on walls as part of a backsplash above a worktop but can also be chosen to surround a kitchen island. This cladding can be used in modern kitchens in addition to traditional farmhouse style layouts.

28. Concrete Effect Floor

Concrete is among the most popular styles for modern designs. These grey porcelain tiles have an appearance which provides any room with a unique character. These tiles work extremely well as part of kitchen layouts and match superbly with black or charcoal coloured units and worktops. Concrete effect flooring does not just have to be applied specifically within the kitchen area but also throughout dining rooms and other parts of the home. These tiles can be complemented by wood style fittings and natural stone to stunning effect. A popular technique is to combine a concrete effect floor design with a brick slip wall feature.

29. Kitchen Wall Border

Sometimes less is more and the smaller features can make all the difference to your overall kitchen layout. A tiled wall border above a worktop in a kitchen is perfect for providing an eye-catching design. A border is a subtle way of providing a stylish look in any kitchen. A border design which contrasts with the wall tiles either side is perfect for creating a standout appearance. You can use specific border tiles for this area or alternatively choose mosaics and adjust them in order to fit this space. Contrasting light and dark colours is often a popular technique or you could opt for a consistent look with a matching border design.

30. High Gloss Brick Effect Backsplash

A brick style on walls is a popular choice for modern kitchen layouts. It offers a timeless feature and contrasts with standard format floor tiles. The colour can also differ from the surrounding units and worktops to offer a standout appearance. The high gloss surface not only enables the colour to appear more vibrant but also makes the tile easy to clean and wipe dry. These tiles provide an interesting feature which can be incorporated within a wide array of kitchen layouts. You can transform any interior with high gloss brick tiles and with effective kitchen lighting you could provide your interior space with a genuine wow factor.

31. Mirror Tile Backsplash

For a truly dynamic modern look you can choose reflective mirror tiles. These tiles are perfect at accentuating the available light and space in any kitchen. There are various options to choose from including these metro brick mini mosaics. These tiles look superb as part of contemporary and layouts and can be matched with popular black and white colours for a distinctive style. The use of modern lighting is also effective at enhancing the overall décor. A mirror backsplash offers a fresh and inviting appeal. The various style elements involved in a mirror backsplash are significant in providing a genuine wow factor within your kitchen interior.

32. Chevron Tile Pattern

A chevron tiled floor can produce a really interesting feature in any kitchen. This pattern offers a stylish appearance and is well suited to both modern and traditional interior layouts. A chevron pattern can be created with any long and thin rectangular tile including wood effect porcelain in a 900x200mm format. Choosing the pattern which best suits the tiles you have acquired is an important element of any design project. You can complement a chevron tile pattern with a brick effect or standard grid formation on the kitchen wall. This pattern is a good use of the available space and is an additional style factor which will impress your guests.

33. Grey Quartz Kitchen

Add a modern style to your kitchen layout with grey quartz tiles. The neutrality of grey and the inclusion of sparkly mirror pieces offer a stunning appearance which will work to great effect as part of any kitchen layout. This particular design has a real sense of consistency with grey quartz tiles on both the wall and floor and of course a grey quartz worktop which matches extremely well. Other colours which feature prominently within this design are black and white which provide a distinctive backdrop against the sparkly grey design. This is a great way to make the most of a contemporary living space.

34. Border Floor Design

If you are planning a new kitchen floor and are thinking of additional ways to make it really stand out from the rest, a border design is an excellent option. A border can enhance the overall look of your kitchen floor and can be used to either match or contrast with the general décor. Within this kitchen design, the colour matches with the floor itself for a consistent appearance. If you are thinking of introducing a border floor design in your kitchen the there are plenty of stylish tile options including plain porcelain and natural stone marble.

35. White Metro Backsplash Wall

What do you get when you combine one of the most popular interior colours with an extremely sought after brick effect design? A very stylish kitchen backsplash, that’s what! White Metro Brick Tiles are an excellent option for modern backsplash walls in kitchens. They can be contrasted with darker colours including charcoal grey and black to ensure this design really stands out. In order to really emphasise the white colour and metro brick pattern, you can use a darker coloured grout like grey or black. Not only do these tiles offer a stylish look but also have a polished finish which allows for both easy cleaning and maintenance.

36. Skirting Board Kitchen Lights

Okay, so we’re not talking specifically about tiles here but instead here is a way to enhance your kitchen tiles. By using skirting board lights you can accentuate the floor tiles – particularly sparkly varieties like quartz and granite – and create a unique look. This is just another design element which is guaranteed to create an eye-catching appearance. Skirting boards under kitchen units often just take up space so why not try something interesting like this? There are various light colours to choose from with white and blue being the most popular. You can choose the colour which best suites your chosen kitchen design.

37. Multi-coloured Backsplash

Create a bright and vibrant look in your kitchen, which will completely transform your interior space, with a multi-coloured tiled backsplash wall. The multitude of different colours provides a standout appearance and will really bring your kitchen design to life. This wall design can work superbly as part of modern layouts. Contrasting this wall design with plain colours and styles is a great way of ensuring it has a genuine impact and works as a real focal point within any kitchen. Choosing this decor is recommended if you are looking to transform your interior space by producing a wow factor which will amaze your guests.

38. Black and White Marble Effect Tiles

Create a distinctive and timeless look in your kitchen with Black and White Marble Effect Tiles. These tiles can be used on either a wall or floor but as part of this particular design they look superb as a backsplash wall. The soft neutral colours which surround this backsplash wall design help to emphasise its standout appearance. The contrast between light and dark is a popular technique in the world of interior design and this particular kitchen certainly showcases that. Marble Effect Porcelain not only offers a truly unique style but is also durable, making it a perfect kitchen material.

39. Outdoor Kitchen Tiles

A popular trend, particularly in warmer climates, is to have an outside kitchen space. When you think about it, outdoor kitchens make perfect sense; you don’t have to worry about any smoke alarms going off, you can cook smoked fish without the smell lingering around the house for days and you can take advantage of a natural air conditioning system! There are many tiles varieties which are well suited to outdoor kitchen designs. Natural slate and stone cladding is a good choice for the kitchen unit covering. On the floor, outdoor porcelain paving is an excellent option as it is available in popular colours like grey and cream and is also incredibly hardwearing.

40. Patchwork Kitchen Wall Feature

A patchwork wall design comprises of patterned tiles which are contrasting in appearance and are arranged next to each other as part of the same feature. This style provides what can be described as a ‘busy’ look. As a result of this wall design having so many different elements it is often best to complement it with plain features and styles in order to create an uncluttered feel. The different colours and styles combine as part of this wall feature to produce a spectacular look. Not only are these tiles popular for kitchen interiors but also other parts of the home like living rooms as part of a fireplace surround.

41. Retro Kitchen Floor Design

Incorporating a retro style within a modern design can be an effective way of introducing a stylish look. Retro kitchen tiles can provide both colour and character within contemporary layouts. A floor design like this matches well with other retro features like brick effect wall tiles. Other retro elements including lighting and chairs can also add to this popular theme. Retro tiles are available in various styles from coloured shapes to monochrome geometric patterns. To emphasise the vibrant appearance of this retro floor, the surrounding colours are lighter in shade including white and grey colours.

42. Diamond Wall Pattern

The intricacy of this diamond wall pattern is what really enables the vibrant green colour to stand out as part of this kitchen design. Furthermore, the contrasting light grout lines further emphasise both the colour and pattern. These tiles are a great way of adding something a little different to your interior layout. The diamond tiles have been arranged in a way to create a hexagon design. The white units and table help to accentuate the colour and pattern further. This is a modern design with a retro twist and is a superb choice for contemporary settings.

43. Open Plan Tiled Kitchen

An open plan kitchen design can work extremely well, particularly if your available space is limited. An open plan design can incorporate the kitchen, dining area and living room. Tiles are a practical choice for floors in modern kitchens and can be used in these other areas too. Throughout your interior living space, porcelain tiles offer durability and style in abundance. For a warm surface under-foot, you can apply electric underfloor heating mats below the tiles prior to installation. From the perspective of style, a floor design which continues throughout your living space offers a consistent appearance.

44. Floral Wall Tile Design

You may be of the opinion that a floral tile design is a bit out-dated but in actual fact there are plenty of suitable products for modern designs. With the use of popular colour combinations, a floral tile design can provide contemporary kitchens with a standout appearance. A classic floral pattern adds character to interior living spaces and can be contrasted by a plain tiled floor which will help to further emphasise the design. Floral tiles can be used to stunning effect as part of a decorative kitchen backsplash which also provides a hardwearing and easy to clean covering above a worktop.

45. Large Format Floor Tiles

There are many advantages of using large format floor tiles in modern kitchens. Firstly, the fewer grout lines create an uncluttered appearance and enable the kitchen interior to look more spacious and larger in size. Fewer grout lines are also recommended from a practical perspective as there are therefore fewer places for dirt and dust to gather. Large format floor tiles can be contrasted with smaller tiles like mosaics on walls for an intricate design. Large floor tiles are a good choice for a kitchen of any size and you can choose from an array of suitable materials including natural stone and porcelain.

46. Star Patterned Backsplash Wall

Sometimes opting for a design which is completely out of the ordinary can really pay off. You may actually be surprised at how good a particular design looks as part of your kitchen interior. These star patterned tiles, which have the unique colour combination of pink and white, really bring this kitchen design to life. The muted pink colour works extremely well as part of this rustic, farmhouse style kitchen. This backsplash acts as a great focal point and certainly offers an original feature. A patterned décor can certainly be contrasted with plain styles to stunning effect.

47. Pizza Tile Stone

Ok, so this is a slightly unusual one but if you have any spare tiles then you can put them to great use as a pizza stone. Foodies say the secret to the perfect pizza is a good pizza stone and certain tiles offer the ideal size and composition to create a crispy base and hot, mouth-watering topping. Granite tiles provide a good pizza stone. These stone tiles will enable you to cook restaurant standard pizza and if you have tiles left over from a previous project then they offer a cost effective option.

48. Tiled Picture Backsplash

If plain or patterned tiles in your kitchen don’t quite provide the look you’re after then a tiled picture might just be the perfect option. You can introduce a bespoke style with a picture of your choice on your kitchen wall. You can select the picture which best suits your kitchen layout, i.e. modern or traditional. A tiled picture is an effective way of providing a genuine focal point within your kitchen and works superbly above a stone worktop. It is advisable to surround the picture with plain neutral tiles which will emphasise it further.

49. Granite Kitchen Floor

For style and durability in abundance, few materials compare with natural stone granite. Granite is renowned for its incredible durability which makes it a hardwearing option for modern kitchens. In terms of appearance, granite has a standout appeal and in the case of these Galaxy Granite Tiles a sparkly look created by a surface covered in copper mirror flecks. The look of these tiles has been emphasised further by a highly polished finish. Black Granite fits perfectly within modern kitchen interiors, working superbly with modern applications and units. These granite floor tiles can be used not only in the kitchen but also in the surrounding dining and living areas.

50. Tiles and Paint Combo

In some kitchens, it is not always necessary to tile all the way up to the ceiling. Sometimes a part tiled wall with a painted or wallpapered surface above can offer a stylish look and trendy contrast. It is recommended, however, that tiles are used for the backsplash directly above the worktop and oven hob in order to protect the underlying substrate as they are more effective at doing this than the aforementioned paint or paper. This is also a cost effective way of decorating your kitchen and also means that you can change the colour of the painted or wall with ease, which is far easier than replacing tiles.


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