A Huge Range of Natural Stone Tiles

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At Tilesporcelain we offer a huge range of natural stone tiles that are perfect for use all over your home. Did you know that you can view any of our natural stone tiles by ordering a sample from our website too?

Samples are a great way for you to get a true feel of the design and quality of our natural stone tiles, so, what are you waiting for?

If you like the look of any of our natural stone tiles and products, then head to the Tilesporcelain website to order your sample now!

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What types of natural stone tiles do we stock?

We stock a whole range of natural stone tiles, from rustic slate and decorative marble, to elegant travertine and hard-wearing granite. Our limestone tiles are some of our most popular natural stone, especially when used in commercial settings like shops and stores. All of our natural stone tiles are made from stone sourced across the globe, ensuring that our products are made to the highest quality possible.

These tiles are available with a range of finishes and styles, from matt to gloss, mosaic tiles and even tiles with a polished rock finish. All of our natural stone tiles display the sheer beauty of the respective stones used, meaning natural formations, veining and even fossils can be found within the tiles, making each and every one unique.

Check out some of our beautiful natural stone tiles below:

Moleanos Beige

Moleanos Beige Polished Limestone Tiles, available here

Light Emperador Mosaics

Light Emperador Marble Mosaic Tiles, available here

Antalya Honed Limestone

Antalya Beige Honed Limestone Tiles, available here

Traditional Red Quarry

Traditional Red Quarry Tiles, available here

Linear Marble Tiles

Light Emperador Linear Marble Mosaic Tiles, available here

Ivory Cladding

Ivory Cladding Rock Panel Tiles, available here

Moleanos Beige Polished Limestone Tiles

Our Moleanos Beige Polished Limestone tiles capture the true luxury of limestone. These tiles make a perfect flooring which is easy to keep clean, easy to fit and most importantly, hard-wearing and sturdy, ideal for commercial settings and high traffic areas.

Light Emperador Marble Mosaics

Our Light Emperador Marble Mosaics are a fine example of the many mosaic tiles we have to offer at Tilesporcelain. These natural stone tiles are intricately made using the finest marble and offer a high-quality build, matched with a contemporary style that is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

Antalya Beige Honed Limestone Tiles

If you fancy something a little lighter for your kitchen, our Antalya Beige Honed Limestone Tiles are a perfect example of how natural stone can be used to capture the natural beauty and grain of certain stones. These tiles make for a perfect kitchen floor, allowing light to really bounce around the room, off a very easy to clean surface.

Traditional Red Quarry Tiles

Our Traditional Red Quarry Tiles are made from natural red clay which is not only sustainable, it also carries a distinctive rustic look, perfect for kitchens, conservatories and dining rooms. These tiles can be well complimented by other natural stone and wood features, such as fireplaces and ceiling beams.

Light Emperador Linear Marble Mosaic Tiles

Since natural stone tiles are so versatile, they can be cut into any number of shapes and sizes, making them perfect for use in very contemporary settings. Out Light Emperador Linear Marble Mosaic Tiles are a great example of how marble can be used to produce landscape style mosaics that can really lift any feature wall in your home.

Ivory Cladding Rock Panel Tiles

Our Ivory Cladding Rock Panel Tiles make for a beautiful fireplace surround, their light colouring makes them perfect for brightening up any room, and the texture of the natural ivory stone is frankly stunning. Not only are these tiles perfect for use indoors, they can also be used to create beautiful landscapes in your garden and outdoor areas too, check out how our customers are using these wonderful natural stone tiles!

Cladding Montage

Natural stone tiles really are a great choice for any part of your home, be it a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, a bedroom or even your garden! Our natural stone tiles are easy to fit, easy to maintain and most importantly, affordable. Remember, all of our natural stone tiles can be previewed from the comfort of your own home, order a free sample now!

At Tilesporcelain we have many natural stone tiles to offer, all of which are available at a reasonable price and all of which are perfect for any room in the home. Natural stone tiles are available in such a variety of shapes and sizes that we are confident we’ll have the perfect tile for you.

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