Brick Slips, the Best in Brick Cladding for Your Feature Wall

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<p class=There is something beautiful about brick. The staple of modern and post-modern architecture, the humble brick is a design classic, offering everything from a rustic look to a contemporary look. Building a new brick wall in your home however is a costly process, one that is just as time consuming too, never mind the space a brick wall would inevitably take up! With our Brick Slips, a beautiful brick feature wall can be installed in your home, without the hassle of actually bricking anything up.

Brick slips work on all walls, from stylish beams in your kitchen to cosy fireplaces, if you love the look and feel of brick, brick slips are perfect for you.

What are brick slips?

Brick slips are best described as brick veneers. They are made from a thin cross section of a brick; therefore, the material is brick, however depth of the slip is more like a tile, making brick slips perfect for intricate interior design work. Imagine a stick-on brick if you will.

The purpose of brick slips is to give you access to a material that looks and feels like brick, without actually having to use full sized bricks to decorate your home, as, as we have mentioned, full size bricks are costly, time consuming and not exactly space friendly.

Take a Look at Some of our Brick Slips

Autumn Blaze Handmade

Autumn Blaze Handmade Brick Slips, available here

Weathered Sandstock Handmade

Weathered Sandstock Handmade Brick Slips, available here

Old Lambeth Handmade

Old Lambeth Handmade Brick Slips, available here

Slate Grey Handmade

Slate Grey Handmade Brick Slips, available here

Handmade brick slips withhold the true character of actual bricks, but without any of the hassle. Autumn Blaze Handmade brick slips are perfect for any room of the house and are equally powerful around your fireplace as they are situated in a rustic style dining room.

If red isn’t your thing, then take a look at our Weathered Sandstock Handmade brick slips, again, the process of hand making these slips means that each piece of brick is just as characteristic as a real brick, perfect for feature walls in your home, or even as a feature wall for your garden too. .

We love the design of our Old Lambeth Handmade brick slips; their light colour is complimented by their extravagant texture. Old Lambeth Handmade brick slips can be used to add a touch of class and a touch of character or any room of the house, perfect a neutral coloured feature wall.

You can see how our stunning Slate Grey Handmade Brick Slips create a standout feature, enhancing the space and the sheer beauty in this contemporary apartment.

Check out some more Brick Slips

Russet Blend Handmade

Russet Blend Handmade

Victorian Reclaimed

Victorian Reclaimed Brick Slips

Victoria Reclaimed

Victoria Reclaimed Brick Slips

Victoria Reclaimed

Victoria Reclaimed Brick Slips

Our Russet Bland Handmade brick slips have an instant contemporary attraction, deep red colours make these slips perfect for use both indoors and outdoors, see how our Russet Blend Handmade brick slips bring this arch to life.

For a real, authentic Victorian style brick finish, our Victorian Reclaimed brick slips offer a beautiful alternative to using full sized bricks, take a look at how versatile these brick slips are and just how they can transform everything from fireplaces to feature walls and even full-length walls.

Tiles Porcelain is the one stop shop for the highest quality handmade brick slips that can be used to totally transform your feature wall. Brick cladding is becoming more and more popular which is why we ensure our brick slips are always are the fore of the latest designs and trends. Brick slips can transform any space in your home and promise to give any room a beautifully rustic and finetuned character.


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