Eco Friendly Click Lock Cork Tiles are a Great Choice for your Interior Walls

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For the enviro-conscious designers amongst us, there are few products available for your interior walls that are as eco-friendly and as rewarding as cork tiles. Not only do they look beautiful, they are functional, sustainable and have very little impact on the environment.

Thankfully, at Tilesporcelain we have a range of stunning cork tiles that are sure to meet your needs and requirements. Our cork tiles are versatile, easy to fit and come in a range of styles and colours, making them perfect for any interior room in your home. Unlike more traditional tiles however, cork tiles boast a range of other added benefits, from natural sound proofing to increased energy efficiency and natural heat insulation.

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Cork tiles are eco-friendly for a number of reasons, firstly, our cork tiles are make using only natural bark from trees, therefore the materials are both sustainable and their production is not harmful to the environment. The second eco-friendly benefit to using cork tiles is their natural insulating properties. Cork is a great insulator, meaning a cork tiled wall is great at keeping the heat in your rooms, without the need for powerful radiators and heating systems. Keep your house warmer and do your bit for the environment by using this beautiful and versatile material.

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How are Cork Tiles Made?

In order to make cork tiles, natural bark from trees is harvested as part of a sustainable process. The tree is not cut down, instead, a layer of the bark is removed and allowed to grow back, ensuring that the natural environment is not affected by deforestation. Trees are naturally very hard wearing and thus are able to cope with the removal of some bark, allowing the tree to remain healthy during the process. Interestingly, when the bark is stripped, this encourages the tree to consume more Carbon Dioxide, reducing the carbon footprint of the cork tile making process.

All of our cork tiles include a click lock feature, making them very easy to fit when using a simple adhesive to secure to your interior walls. This practicality also makes our cork tiles perfect for your feature walls in your kitchen and living rooms too.

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Classic Greige Cork

Classic Greige Cork Tiles, available here

Classic Natural Granular

Classic Natural Granular Cork Tiles, available here

Classic Mocha Cork

Classic Mocha Cork Tiles, available here

Classic Country Cork

Classic Country Cork Tiles, available here

Classic Greige Cork Tiles

Our Classic Greige Cork Tiles are perfect for use in rooms that require a light feel. These tiles are eco-friendly and have excellent natural sound proofing properties, making them perfect for use in a home office where concentration in a bright and comfortable room could be of some importance to you. These cork tiles have a truly unique charm, making your room comfortable whilst improving the energy efficiency of your home in the process.

Classic Natural Granular Cork Tiles

Our Classic Natural Granular Cork Tiles are perfect for those who really want to capture the natural beauty of British woodland in their home. These tiles hold a classic ‘cork’ look and can really stand our as a part of a feature wall or even a fireplace in your home. Cork tiles are perfect for fire place surrounds as they are naturally fire and heat resistant. These cork tiles, like our whole range are made with click lock technology, which makes them easy to fit with just a simple adhesive.

Classic Mocha Cork Tiles

Our Classic Mocha Cork Tiles take the natural beauty of the natural tile and adds an element of class with their dark colouring, perfect for your kitchen and dining room. Mocha is an on-trend colour making these cork tiles perfect for the fashion conscious and environmentally conscious. At Tiles Porcelain we have found these cork tiles very popular for use within commercial settings.

Classic Country Cork Tiles

Our Classic Country Cork Tiles capture the traditional colour of cork, in a light but functional tile that is perfect for any interior wall. Cork tiles are some of the most practical tiles available, being sound proof, heat, water and fire resistant, as well of course, being super-environmentally friendly.

At Tilesporcelain we have many cork tiles to offer, all of which are available at a fair price and all of which are perfect for any room in the home. As we have stated, the versatile nature of cork makes this material perfect for use all around the home.

If you like the look of any of our cork tiles and products, then head to the Tilesporcelain website to order your free sample now! Cork tiles can and will truly transform your home, in a clean and environmentally sustainable way too.


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