Mosaic Wall Tiles are Perfect for Creating a Unique Feature Wall

Mosaic Wall Tiles

A perfect feature wall can complement the contemporary look of every room in the house. A feature wall should be designed to stand out and hosts other benefits too, they can split the room up, be used to contrast from the design of the rest of the room or can even be used as exciting new art installations to give your room the edge.

Whilst a feature wall isn’t essential, a feature wall will help bring the design of your interior to the next level. When thinking about your feature wall, there are a few considerations to be made; which wall will you be using? Perhaps the wall of an old fire place? How will you decorate the wall? Wallpaper, a bright paint?

Have you considered using Mosaic wall tiles?

Check out some of our Mosaic wall tiles in action and decide for yourself.

Orion Polished Marble Mosaics

Orion Grey Marble Polished Mosaics, available here

Light Emperador Linear Marble

Light Emperador Linear Marble Mosaic Tiles, available here

Dark Emperador Mixed Mosaics

Dark Emperador Mixed Marble Mosaics, available here

Winter Stripe Glass Mosaic

Winter Stripe Glass Mosaic, available here

Benefits of Mosaic Wall Tiles

You might ask, why use Mosaic wall tiles over more traditional feature wall coverings like paint or wallpaper? Simply put, Mosaic wall tiles are an investment to be made. The intricacy of the tiles means bespoke designs can be created with ease. Moreover, Mosaic wall tiles are hard wearing and resistant to splashes, spills and damage from being knocked or bumped into.

Wallpaper is great, but can wallpaper be used to easily produce an entirely unique design? Wallpaper is easy to scratch and scuff, Mosaic wall tiles on the other hand are hard wearing and will withhold their brand-new shimmer for years to come. Wallpaper is easy to stain, a problem not faced by Mosaic wall tiles which are simple to wipe clean.

Mosaic wall tiles are low-maintenance and effective, they will last you a long time and serve you well, as did the ancient Mosaics of the Byzantine era which still stand tall today.

Look no further than Tiles Porcelain for all of your bespoke Mosaic wall tiling needs. From the tiles themselves, to high quality grout and adhesive, and other accessories too, we have a huge range of Mosaic wall tiles that are guaranteed to make your feature wall stand out. With such a huge selection of stylish Mosaic wall tiles, our products are sure to stand out and moreover, a sure to help your feature wall stand out too.

Check out some of the Mosaic wall tiles recommended by our experts

Light Emperador Marble Mosaic

Light Emperador Marble Mosaic Tiles

Dark Emperador Marble Mosaic

Dark Emperador Marble Mosaic Tiles

Silver Jewelled Mosaics

Silver Jewelled Glass Mosaic

Hexagon Nature White Mosaic

Hexagon Nature White Mosaic

Look how our Light Emperador Marble Mosaic Tiles help these kitchen units really stand out. The tiles allow for a beautiful surface that provides a great contrast between the worktops and the stunning kitchen units.

If a darker colour is more your style, check out how our Dark Emperador Marble Mosaic Tiles can add a beautiful finish to your fireplace or feature wall:

See how our Silver Jewelled Glass Mosaic tiles can help a feature wall in your bathroom or kitchen really stand out. The shimmering finish of the glass makes this material both eye-catching and very functional. The tiles have a super smooth finish, making them easy to clean and making for a perfect splash-guard or splash-back area as pictured above.

If you prefer a more low-key feature behind your sink area, how about our Hexagon Nature White Mosaic tile:

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Mosaic Wall Tiles are perfect for creating a unique feature wall, this is a fact that goes back to the very early days of Mosaic, an ancient art-form that used primarily shards of stone and glass to create impressive pieces of art for palaces, buildings and murals in the ancient world.

Check out some of these famous and historic Mosaics:

St Mark’s Basilica

The ceiling of St Mark’s Basilica from the 12th century, image sourced from

San Vitale Basilica

The ceiling of San Vitale Basilica from the 6th century, image sourced from

The modern art of Mosaic tiling

Now of course, a beautiful recreation of the ceiling of St Mark’s Basilica may not be appropriate for your own feature wall. Thankfully, the art of mosaic wall tiling is now a little more accessible in the modern era. Mosaic wall tiles can offer your feature wall a truly stand out presence, whilst remaining functional and impressive. Such tiling isn’t just appropriate for your bathroom and kitchen, thanks to the versatility of modern mosaic wall tiles and the intricacy of those who install them means Mosaic wall tiles are perfect for any feature wall, in any part of the home.

At Tiles Porcelain, we offer bespoke Mosaic wall tiles that are designed to make the feature wall in any room pop! Our Mosaic wall tiles are available in a range of shapes, sizes and colours that can be used individually or combined to make both stunning stand out feature walls and of course, lower key and subtle designs for those who appreciate the functionality of a Mosaic tile feature wall, but without so much of a bold statement.


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