Outdoor Tiles, Perfect for Walls and Floors in Outdoor Areas

Outdoor Tiles

Have you ever thought of using outdoor tiles to add a crisp finish to your garden or outdoor terrace? Have you ever thought about protecting your gardens walls with outdoor tiles?

If your answer is anything other than ‘yes’ then you need to have a think, because outdoor tiles could be the very thing you need to transform your own outdoor areas.

Check out our full range of outdoor tiles at Tilesporcelain.

Where can I use outdoor tiles?

Whether you’re sprucing up your garden, designing a new outdoor terrace or totally renewing your outdoor space, outdoor tiles can be used in various ways to totally transform the look and feel of your outdoor areas. They can be used to create beautiful bespoke flooring and can even be used to cover and protect your garden walls. Outdoor tiles can be used just about anywhere.

Why use outdoor tiles?

You could resort to more conventional outdoor design methods, such as wooden cladding or brickwork for example, however, our outdoor tiles can offer a far cleaner and far simpler solution, one that isn’t susceptible to rotting, and doesn’t need to be cared for year on year. Outdoor tiles are easy to clean, resistant to hot and cold weather and most importantly, they look amazing.

Check out some of our outdoor tiles

At Tilesporcelain we have a beautiful range of bespoke made outdoor floor and wall tiles, see a few examples from our stunning range below.

Cream Stone Effect Paving

Cream Stone Effect Paving, available here

Ivory Matt Textile Porcelain

Ivory Matt Textile Porcelain Tiles, available here

Light Grey Stone Effect Paving

Light Grey Stone Effect Paving, available here

Sage Green Cladding

Sage Green Pearl Cladding Panel, available here

Cream Stone Effect Paving Tiles

Our cream stone effect paving tiles make a perfect floor covering for a bright and tranquil outdoor area. Each tile is 20mm thick, meaning each tile is built to perfectly line a floor and will be resistant to chips and scuffs as one might expect within an outdoor setting. These tiles also operate well within a commercial setting and provide a beautiful flooring alternative for shops and other public outdoor areas.

Ivory Matt Textile Porcelain Tiles

Our ivory matt textile porcelain tiles can be used to build a stunning patio, one that will stand out as a beautiful feature for your garden or on your outdoor terrace. These low maintenance tiles are perfect for hosting gatherings and outdoor events on, making for a beautiful floor on which you can entertain your guests, your family and your friends. Outdoor tiles are easy to maintain and to clean, so, what are you waiting for?

Light Grey Stone Effect Paving Tiles

These paving tiles provide style and durability in abundance. The neutral grey colour and natural stone effect features work superbly as part of patios in gardens. In exterior areas, this paving will withstand the elements and has a 20mm thickness which makes them an incredibly hardwearing option. In modern garden designs with a minimalist appeal, this light grey porcelain paving combines well with artificial grass.

Sage Green Pearl Cladding Panel

Our sage green pearl cladding panels are the perfect outdoor tiling solution and can be used to clad external walls, giving them a very professional rustic appearance. Unlike wooden alternatives, these tiles are easy to install, maintain and clean. These outdoor tiles can be used to clad small feature walls, larger main walls or even bespoke planters and other features within the garden. Check out how some of our previous customers have used these beautiful sage green pearl cladding panels.

Sage Cladding 2

Here are some more Outdoor Tiles to choose from

Dark Grey Paving

Dark Grey Stone Effect Paving, available here

White Cladding Rock Panel

White Cladding Rock Panel, available here

Dark Grey Stone Effect Paving Tiles

For a more sophisticated flooring solution, try our dark grey stone effect paving tiles. These tiles, at 20mm thick per piece, make for a very strong and robust floor that is resistant to weather and damage from external factors. Moreover, the matte finish on the tiles means these are non-slip, providing a very safe solution for your outdoor flooring needs. The stone effect of these tiles makes them suitable as a key design feature for your outdoor area. They are on trend and make for an absolutely beautiful floor.

White Cladding Rock Panel

See how our beautiful white cladding rock panels can really bring your outdoor space to life. We’ll be honest, these are some of our favourite outdoor tiles, simply for how versatile they are! Our white cladding rock panels really can bring your outdoor walls to life. They make a perfect alternative to brick and more traditional features and really can add a touch of class to your garden and outdoor terrace. Take a look at how our customers are using these stunning tiles.

White Cladding 2

Outdoor Tiles are the perfect solution

At Tiles Porcelain we offer an entire range of bespoke outdoor tiles that are perfect for the walls and floors of your garden and outdoor terrace. Whether you are totally redesigning your outdoor areas or you’re inspired to upgrade your current outdoor areas we have the perfect tiles for you, so, be sure to check out our full extensive range of outdoor tiles.

Remember, outdoor tiles are easy and relatively cheap to install. Unlike wooden alternatives, these tiles are not at risk of extensive damage from moisture and will not warp and bend over time. By using tiles, you can protect intricate features of your garden and can ensure that your outdoor areas are a part of the cutting edge of exterior design. Outdoor tiles are easy to maintain, easy to keep clean and suitable for all types of weather. By covering many of our outdoor tiles with a beautiful matte finish, we can also ensure that these tiles are non-slip, making them safe to use in the garden and surrounding areas. If you’re not convinced just yet, then remember you’re welcome to order a small sample from our website, or simply just contact us and we will be able to address any questions or queries you may have.


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