Quartz Stone Tiles that are Perfect for your Kitchen and Bathroom

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Quartz tiles can be amongst some of the most beautiful additions to your home. When choosing tiles, it is important to select a tile that looks great, is hard wearing and really stands out. Yes of course, you can go plain and simple, but why not be bold, why not add a little Quartz to your life?

Quartz tiles are made from Quartz stone which has a natural shimmer. Naturally, you may associate Quartz with deep and dark colours, however our Quartz tiles are available in a range of colours and styles. As ever, all Quartz tiles available at Tilesporcelain are hand made using the finest quality stone and are built to be easy to install, pleasing to the eye and an all-round great edition to your kitchen or bathroom.

Kitchens and Bathrooms benefit most from Quartz tiles, as they provide a hygienic and easy to clean surface which is perfect for your walls and for your floor.

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Due to the versatility of our Quartz tiles, they are available in a range of colours and beautiful styles that can give your rooms a stylish and contemporary edge. Quartz is proven to absorb literally no moisture, meaning the material used in the tiles is perfect for use in areas where they may get wet. Robust and hard wearing, our Quartz tiles are also luxury, thanks to their unique ‘mirror pieces’.

What are mirror pieces?

The mirror pieces in within the material is what gives this collection a unique shimmer and shine. The effect of using these within your building project can be quite dazzling, especially if you choose our striking colourful range, which are available in bright shades of blue, red and green. Black or white styles whose quartz flecks mirror the light can be equally dramatic though. This product definitely has the ‘wow factor’ and our crystal stone quartz wall options have the highest percentage of quartz content on the market today, meaning that they really do outshine the competition.

See our amazing range of Quartz Tiles for yourself

Grey Quartz

Zultanite Grey Sparkly Quartz Tiles, available here

Black and Blue Cosmos

Cosmos Quartz Black Blue Tiles, available here

Zultanite Grey Quartz

Our Zultanite Grey Sparkly Quartz tiles are built to the highest quality specification. The sparkly grey colouring of these tiles really defines how versatile quartz can be, capturing both light and dark colours, in a beautiful and high-quality tile that makes for a perfect bathroom floor.

Cosmos Quartz Black and Blue Tiles

Dark tiles are perfect for the kitchen, simply because they mask those inevitable spills and splashes. Because Quartz absorbs very little moisture, these tiles are perfect for use around your sink and food preparation areas. Our Cosmos Quartz Black Blue tiles offer a deep blue shimmer, one that will have the interior savvy lusting for more.

Here are some more Quartz Tiles to choose from

Green Quartz

Emerald Green Quartz Tiles, available here

Quartz Plum

Quartz Amethyst Plum Tiles, available here

Pink Quartz

Baby Pink Quartz Tiles, available here

Quartz Red

Ruby Red Quartz, available here

Sapphire Blue Quartz Tiles

Sapphire Blue Quartz Tiles

Chocolate Brown Quartz Tiles

Chocolate Brown Quartz Tiles

Emerald Green Quartz Tiles

With a deep green colour and surface covered in mirror pieces, these quartz tiles are ideal if you are looking to create an original look in your bathroom or kitchen. These tiles have a stunning look and all the practical qualities to match as they are both durable and easy to clean. They are well suited to modern interior layouts and combine superbly with popular wood and chrome features.

Amethyst Plum Quartz Tiles

These tiles have a distinctive look which comprises of a dark plum colour and surface covered in sparkly mirror pieces. This is a colour which works to great effect on floors and can be complemented by a plain white backdrop. Not only are these tiles selected for home interiors but also for shops, hotels and restaurants.

Baby Pink Quartz Tiles

For a look that is guaranteed to wow your guests, these Baby Pink Quartz Tiles are an excellent choice. These tiles match superbly with modern fittings like chrome taps and white panels within contemporary bathroom layouts. The unique look of these tiles is capable of transforming any interior space. These pink quartz tiles are also acquired for shops and restaurants.

Ruby Red Quartz Tiles

Create a standout look with these distinctive red quartz tiles. These tiles combine to superb effect with popular black and white colours. The mirror pieces sparkle and glisten majestically when light shines upon the surface of these tiles. You can use them on both walls and floors and they have the required durability to be installed throughout high traffic areas including shops and restaurants.

Sapphire Blue Quartz Tiles

These sparkly blue quartz tiles create an emphatic look in bathrooms and kitchens and combine superbly with black and white colours. Blue is a colour which is well suited to shower areas and sink surrounds. These tiles can also be complemented by a trendy border design. The mirror pieces within these blue quartz tiles are capable of producing a genuine wow factor.

Chocolate Brown Quartz Tiles

You can transform the look of walls and floors with Chocolate Brown Quartz Tiles. With the combination of a dark brown colour and surface covered in mirror pieces it is no surprise that these tiles are used in order to create a standout appearance in bathrooms and kitchens. These tiles combine superbly with popular white features and natural stone materials as part of modern decors.

Diamond White Quartz Tiles

Diamond White Quartz Tiles

Diamond White Quartz Tiles

These sparkly white quartz tiles have a stylish appearance and are well suited to modern interior layouts. You can use these tiles as part of contemporary bathroom or kitchen decors. For a timeless contrast you can even match Diamond White Quartz with black tiles. These white quartz tiles bring any room to life and are also chosen for shops and offices.

Our full range of Quartz tiles is huge, at Tilesporcelain we have a huge amount of Quartz tiles on offer, all of which are available at a fair price and all of which are perfect for any room in the home. As we have stated, the beautiful nature of Quartz makes this material perfect for use in your kitchens and bathrooms, but really, Quartz is perfect for any room that you want to inject a touch of luxury in to.

If you like the look of any of our Quartz tiles and products, then head to the Tilesporcelain website to order your samples now! Quartz tiles can and will truly transform your home, producing hard wearing surfaces that offer a truly stunning finish, a real luxury for your home.


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