Stylish Tile Ideas for Your Kitchen


The kitchen is typically seen as the hub of your home. You will naturally spend a lot of your time there, so it’s important that you're happy being there too.

Decorating your kitchen doesn’t have to be a chore though and is usually quite fun for most people that are wanting a complete rehaul of their home.

Versatile by nature, tiles are the best way you can add more textures and colours to your kitchen. Just remember you don’t want to pick a tile and then hate it two weeks later.

There are loads of designs that evoke the texture and characteristics you have in your mind. Rustic textures are made up of raw materials to give you an edgy look. Then there’s classic metro and patterned tiles, the kitchen range from Tilesporcelain is vast, ensuring a truly unique look for your home.

Modern Tiles

Modern Kitchen

But before we get into any of that, let’s look at the modern look.

Modern looks are awkward because as of right now, they are great but in a few years, they can become dated so make sure you’re happy before you start hitting your food room.

As per Ceramic Tile Distributors:

Grey is a nice colour to pick for modern looks and are a bit of a trend of concrete surfaces. They are typically designed to completely change your kitchen walls and transform them into a contemporary retreat of urban style. Take a look at the range of grey tiles you can get here.

Farmhouse Tiles

Farmhouse Tiles

Kind of the black sheep of the herd (pun intended), farmhouse tiles aren’t for everyone, but if the home is right, anything is possible!

Bringing in further warmth and a more tactile approach to surfaces in the kitchen, different palettes offer unique contrasts to darker wooden cabinets and the sets of textures of natural wood for a truly inviting scheme.

Rustic Tiles

Now to the good stuff.

Well in my opinion anyway but as we all know this is all subjective to taste so if rustic isn’t for you then don’t worry! There’s plenty of options up for grabs too!

Tactile textures of wood and exposed brickwork are emerging into the kitchens and it seems to be the new trend that people all over the world are going for.

Such rustic texture tiles add a feeling of depth and warmth to any scheme, reinventing the materials for the modern, relaxed home.

The sudden rise in popularity of rustic tiles isn’t surprising when you look at the results. There are countless tiles available at TilesPorcelain so make sure you check out what’s available and the best fit for your home.

Retro Tiles

Retro Tiles

Retro is a style that’s undoubtedly coming back into fashion. Not just in the world of kitchen decor but in the world of literal fashion.

Thrift shops are cropping up in major cities all over the world but here in the UK, there must be one around every corner…

For tiles though, different collections offer different things. Maybe you want something that resembles a certain era, whether it’s the 90s, 80s, or dare I say, the 70s!?

Whatever you prefer, they typically have a decadent gloss finish and a refreshing, modern retro palette of colour options to choose from.

Subway Tiles

Subway Tiles

An interesting choice for sure but if pulled off, the results can be astounding.

This is a chic designed in an art deco style which is something you would see in a Parisian subway station, just probably without the graffiti!

The gloss finish can make this really pop but a matte finish might be better for you. The subtle look of matte can stand out in more ways than one - confusing I know but you’ll know why if you decide to opt-in for the subway option.

In the end, there are hundreds of options you can choose from but no matter which one you decide to opt for.

What you decide to choose for your kitchen walls is entirely up to you. These options are all subjective to opinion so it’s important to keep in mind that everyone is different and will have their own unique opinion on what best fits their home.

Be rest assured that the options don’t just limit to what we’ve mentioned above, the list goes on and are surely worth exploring!

For a wide range of options available at great prices, check out TilesPorcelain here! From ceramic to natural stone to porcelain, there’s something there for you and at great prices!