What is the Best Tile for the Bathroom?

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When it comes to our bathrooms, we all dream of a design that we know we can be proud of and for projects like these maybe it’s best to leave it to the professionals, but for others, getting into the grit of doing it yourself, is part of the reward. Different people have different tastes, so maybe you’d like a grand setting with a massive, luxurious freestanding bath with high ceilings and maybe even a dash of marble…

Others want something a little more basic and with more of a ‘homey’ feel to it and that’s fine too!

Unfortunately, the reality is that most of us have much smaller bathrooms than the out of the box designs we see on Grand Designs or DIY SOS as well as the ones we see in Hollywood movies.

Bathroom floor tiles are available in all sorts of materials including ceramic, porcelain, quartz and even vinyl tiles, which is what most people will think of when it comes to the flooring of their bathroom. This is done with good reason too as they’re the most practical options you can get for your bathroom(s). That being said, they aren’t the only ones out there as don’t forget cork and stone are both viable options.

Here are some of the best bathroom tiles for your home.

Vinyl Tiles

Starting off with the most popular kind of tiles for your bathroom, vinyl tiles are so commonly used due to the low cost and high degree of practicality. Every bathroom in your house is going to be well suited for vinyl and when it comes to safety and longevity, it’s definitely a good option to keep in mind.

On top of this, it’s comfy! Walking into the bathroom in the middle of the night barefoot isn’t going to feel like you’ve stepped on Lego so you can self-assured that vinyl has you covered.


There’s nothing quite like the aesthetic look of glass tiles. Not only does this style look extremely snazzy but the thin layer of glass creates the illusion of depth and, if you decide to have it tinted, a lovely stained-glass effect could be the result.

Installed correctly, this type of tile holds up extremely well. Small glass tiles with lots of grout joints are also slip-resistant so you can rest assured that these tiles are going to be safe for you and your family.

With this in mind, you might want to consider getting your shower floor customised, and maybe even up the sides, with just a small glass tile squares. This will help create a unique feature for your bathroom.

Whereas Glass tiles can be quite expensive, bear in mind that Tilesporcelain offers top quality Glass Mosaic tiles currently on offer for a limited time!

Glass Mosaics

Glass Mosaics in a Bathroom

Ceramic and Porcelain

Ceramic and Porcelain are timeless choices for your bathroom. It doesn’t matter your taste as to whether you’re into stone or wood lookalikes, you’ll more than likely be able to find something in these options.

In a similar sense to vinyl, ceramics are great due to their low maintenance.

There’s another thing you should know about ceramics too, they are easy to install. If you’re installing them yourself then just remember to take safety precautions and wear goggles to protect your eyes when cutting these tiles. They are certainly a popular choice among DIY enthusiasts so the next time you have to tile a backsplash or bathroom floor, why not have a go yourself?

Metro Brick Ceramic tiles are often chosen for bathroom walls. These tiles have a bevelled design which creates the classic brick design.

Metro Brick Bathroom Tiles

Metro Brick Ceramic Tiles in a Bathroom

For porcelain tiles, they are harder than clay-based tiles and may have through-body colour, an advantage if chipping occurs. They are a very popular option for modern bathroom interiors, with matt varieties being particularly well suited to floor areas.

For a warm surface underfoot in your bathroom, you could provide heat to your tiled porcelain floor with Electric Underfloor Heating Mats.

Porcelain Bathroom Tiles

Porcelain Tiles in a Bathroom


At one time, stone tiles were typically only used in a foyer but in more recent times, and in a way to be more creative, people started moving them into the bathroom and with good reason! Made from limestone, marble, granite, and slate, stone tiles are available in all sorts of different colours including creams to blues, reds, greens, and gold. The available textures are nearly as varied as they include cleft, tumbled, sandblasted, etched and flamed variations.

Stone requires further maintenance than a ceramic tile though as you will need to clean them on a regular basis, not to mention sealing them, which is recommended.

Take a look at the varied options of stone tiles from Tilesporcelain which are on offer for a limited time!

Travertine Bathroom Tiles

Travertine Tiles in a Bathroom

Plastic Laminate

An interesting choice for some but plastic laminate (otherwise known as just planks) are yet another choice you have for your bathroom. If you’re thinking of remodelling your whole bathroom then this would be a good choice too, but don’t let that restrict you.

In a similar sense to standard laminate matter also that covered the kitchen countertops for generations, the tiles don’t significantly increase the height of the current floor you have. This would make it easier to plan out different transitions you may have in mind for different rooms.

Plastic laminate is also something that’s going to be easy for you to clean and keep in good shape but falls short when it comes to moisture, which as you can probably imagine is a big issue.

Standing water alone is able to potentially deep into the fibreboard core and thus cause materials to expand and buckle as a result.

So whereas laminates are great in some areas, they aren’t as great in others.

These are just a few of the options that you have when it comes to bathroom tiles. There’s a whole world of options out there for you to choose from including Quartz, Marble, Terracotta, Travertine and so much more, all of which are available at Tilesporcelain and for very good prices!

All these options have their own set of pros and cons but whichever type of material and design you choose for your bathroom, whether it’s ceramic, glass, stone or vinyl, we’re sure that the end product will look fabulous!

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