Why use Electric Underfloor Heating Mats in your Kitchen or Bathroom?

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Electric Underfloor Heating Mats are the perfect way to add cost-effective underfloor heating to your kitchen or bathroom. Underfloor heating may sound like an absolute luxury to some, but in reality, the use of heating mats under quality floor tiles might not be as expensive as you think. Moreover, electric underfloor heating mats are straightforward to install and provide easy temperature management through the use of a thermostat.

electric mats

Our electric underfloor heating mats are suitable for any size or shape of room or floor. The malleable mats sit close to the surface and allow plenty of space for our tiles to be placed on top. In easy terms, the electric mats simply line the ground and are wired into the mains, then, tiles are placed on top to provide a complete and cost-effective underfloor heating system, far cheaper than more traditional water based underfloor heating methods.


The heating mats are then controlled by a digital thermostat which can be placed in an accessible part of your home. Our electric underfloor heating mats are easy to fit, easy to use and could save you some money too!

Fitting is super cheap

What makes our electric underfloor heating mats so cost effective is that you can fit these yourself, you just need to hire a qualified electrician to connect the mats up to the mains, otherwise these mats can become a fun part of your DIY floor project, perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and any room of the house.

Which tiles work with your electric underfloor heating mats?

These mats are very versatile, making them suitable for a range of floors and of course, making them work with many of the beautiful tiles in stock at Tiles Porcelain, and more.

Our electric underfloor heating mats are suitable for use under these tiles:

Take a look at some examples as recommended by our experts:

ivory porcelain

Ivory Polished Porcelain Tiles, available here
Our Ivory Polished Porcelain Tiles pair perfectly with our electric underfloor heating mats. Their shimmer only adds to the warming effect of underfloor heating, providing your living room with a stunning floor, good enough to heat the whole room with a sparkle one could only expect from polished ivory effect tiles.


Medium Travertine Effect Porcelain Tiles, available here
Travertine tiles are very popular for use in kitchens and bathrooms. The neutral colours and minimalist style will only compliment the warming effect of our underfloor heating mats.


Parisienne Moroccan Effect Tile, available here
For a character filled floor, our Parisienne Moroccan Effect Tile work beautifully with our electric underfloor heating mats. These tiles will transport you to far-lands, inspired beautiful French-Moroccan architecture. Being ceramic, these tiles are quick and easy to clean, giving you more time to spend enjoying your underfloor heating!


Star Granite Sparkly Tiles, available here
When you think of Granite tiles, you think of the traditional light grey – pink design, however this isn’t always the case. Add a touch of class to your underfloor heating system with our Star Galaxy Granite Sparkly Tiles, they make a beautiful addition to any kitchen or bathroom. Their eye-catching design makes them a must have for anyone who wishes to make a stylistic statement with their home.


Pacific Grey Marble Tiles, available here
Marble tiles always have a very traditional feel. Their sleek design makes them perfect for any room in the house, allowing you to truly make the most of our electric underfloor heating mats. Marble tiles are functional, stylish and of an incredible quality, as one would expect from Tiles Porcelain of course!


Multi Limestone Tiles, available here
Limestone tiles work perfectly with electric underfloor heating mats, though there is one thing that makes Limestone tiles extra special. Each tile is unique, withholding a slightly different pattern, making Limestone the perfect option for anybody who wishes to build a truly bespoke heated floor. The versatility of Limestone tiles makes them great for every room in the house.


Multi Slate Tiles, available here
Slate doesn’t have to be black. Our range of multi coloured slate tiles can be used to give your room a truly rustic appearance. What’s more, our slate tiles work perfectly with our underfloor heating mats, allowing you to build your very own, beautifully designed and functional, heated slate floor. All of the tiles from Tiles Porcelain Ltd shown in this article are suitable for underfloor heating, so what are you waiting for? Combined with our affordable and easy to use electric underfloor heating mats, our bespoke tiles can be used to create beautiful and functional heated floors that are easy to maintain, easy and cheap to run and that can be used as a primary heating source for your home.

You can see how Electric Underfloor Heating Mats compare with Water-Based Systems here:


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