Why you need to use Wood Cladding in Your Home

Wood Cladding

Sometimes, porcelain tiles don’t offer the look you’re after. Fear not though, because at Tilesporcelain we offer a range of professionally made wood cladding tiles too, perfect for giving your home the complete and cosy feel that you’re striving for. Wood cladding brings warmth, cosiness and a rustic feeling that is easy to install and comes at a very low cost too. Bring your walls to life, with wood!

Varieties of Wood Cladding

Like tiles, there are many different types of wood cladding, meaning you’re literally spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing which panels to install in your home. Our wood cladding comes in a range of colours, textures and styles, including;

  • Interior Wooden Cladding Panels
  • Reclaimed Wood Panels
  • Distressed Wood Cladding
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Interior Wooden Cladding Panels

Our interior wooden cladding panels are of the highest quality and can be used to give any room in your home a real rustic appearance. These tiles are perfect for the kitchen, the bathroom and even within living areas as a part of a feature wall or a fireplace surround.

Reclaimed Wood Panels

Natural and reclaimed wood is often favoured for its environmental status and traditional appearance. Some of our range of wood cladding panels uses reclaimed wood, making for a very unique and rustic feel that goes perfectly alongside other natural materials such as stone.

Distressed Wood Wall Cladding

For the most affordable and natural looking feel, we recommend looking for distressed wood wall cladding tiles. By having a more distressed feel and design, these tiles are versatile enough to fit in any room, within any sort of design too. Distressed wood is often the favoured style of wood for interior designers and those with an eye for interior design.

Wood cladding is safe to use, easy to fit and manage and might not be as expensive as you might thing, so, what are you waiting for?

Check out our range of Wood Cladding Tiles

Walnutwood Cladding

Walnutwood Timber Cladding, available here

Acaciawood Timber Cladding

Acaciawood Timber Cladding, available here

Cherrywood Timber Cladding

Cherrywood Timber Cladding, available here

Oakwood Timber Cladding

Oakwood Timber Cladding, available here

Walnutwood Timber Cladding

This stylish walnut-wood timber cladding is perfect for use in any room of the house. Walnut-wood has a smooth and desirable finish, one that is easy to fit thanks to the unique way in which these panels are built, by adding slips of wood to a hidden backboard, making fitting both simple and affordable. Our walnut-wood timber cladding has a genuine rustic feel to it, if you don’t believe us, why not order a sample for yourself?

Acaciawood Timber Cladding

Acaciawood timber cladding, despite its dark appearance, really can brighten up your room with a beautiful feature wall or fireplace surround. Acacia-wood has a very rustic, farmhouse feel to it, making these cladding tiles perfect for use in any room of the house. The diverse colouring of acacia-wood also makes these tiles some of our most visually appealing.

If you’re looking for something a little brighter, to brighten up your homes interior then worry not, Tilesporcelain has you covered.

Cherrywood Timber Cladding

Our cherry wood timber cladding tiles offer a cherry brown finish that offers a bright contrast for your interior walls. Cherry-wood makes the light in the room move in fantastic ways, bringing with it a very fresh, but equally rustic feel. Our cherry-wood timber cladding tiles are perfect for use in darker rooms, such as a bathroom or a kitchen that struggles for natural light, thanks to its slightly glossy finish.

Why Wood Cladding?

As we have stated, wood cladding can offer you a unique rustic look, for a very low cost. The design of our wood cladding tiles means that the tiles are easy to fit. Each slip of wood is carefully placed onto a backboard, you only need to stick the backboard to your wall and therefore, don’t need to worry about intricately adding the individual strips of wood to your wall. The timber used on the tiles is genuine, no veneer or laminate, just genuine wood, giving you a true, naturally rustic feel.

Oakwood Timber Cladding

For a beautifully traditional feel, try our oak-wood timber cladding tiles. Oak has long been used in many aspects of interior design, thanks to its versatility and professional finish. Our oak-wood timber cladding tiles are no exception to this, bringing a touch of class to which ever room you decided to fit them in. Oak-wood mixes elegance and class, with the rustic feel you expect from wood and wooden cladding.

Driftwood Timber Cladding

Driftwood Timber Cladding

Driftwood Timber Cladding

Our Driftwood Timber Cladding tiles have a distinctively worn feeling to them. We use Pometia driftwood which provides a stunning finish with a truly rustic appearance. The dark colouring of the wood on this cladding makes it the perfect choice for a feature wall our fireplace surround within your room. Driftwood timber cladding brings with it a very cosy feel, complimented by the unique choice of wood within the tiles themselves. As each slip of wood is different, you can expect a truly distinct and unique design by fitting our driftwood timber cladding tiles in your home.

If you like the look of any of our wood cladding tiles and products, then head to the Tilesporcelain website to order your free sample now! Wood cladding can and will truly transform your home, allowing you to develop a cosy and rustic feel, for very little effort in the most affordable way possible.


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