Green Metro Brick Effect Ceramic Tiles

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100x200 £26.67m2 £22.99m2
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Product Details
Order Code M400
Material Ceramic
Colour Green
Finish Polished
Ideal For Wall
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Dynamic style with Green Metro Brick Tiles

With its dynamic green colour this brick wall ceramic is a trendy and contemporary option for homes. They have a slight ridge, which provides a genuine resemblance to an actual brick and adds further character to wall designs. In contrast to a flat wall surface, the metro brick protrudes slightly from the wall, thus creating a spectacular aesthetic.

Create a vibrant look with Green Metro Ceramics

These vibrant ceramics will illuminate bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and living and dining areas. Interior designers and homeowners combine them with bold colours for a spectacular aesthetic. They are a unique and quirky option and are guaranteed to wow your guests.

Provide walls with a unique style by choosing Metro Ceramics

The highly polished surface not only creates a majestic shimmer and glow but also allows for easy cleaning. With a sleek and smooth surface, they are resilient against stains and scratches. Property developers looking to maximise the return on their investment install them in houses and apartments. Just get in touch with Tilesporcelain if you require any additional information.


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