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Decorative Feature Tiles for your Home

Comprising of tiles which have been influenced by both modern and traditional styles, our Feature Tile collection certainly has something for everyone. You can choose from a wide range of designs and discover the one which fits best within your interior design theme by ordering samples. Patterned Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles provide interiors with a truly unique look and practical covering. Tiles from this section are acquired for home interiors in addition to shops, offices, cafes and restaurants. Whether you are looking to create a stunning feature wall or wish to transform flooring areas, our range of Feature Tiles has a vast array of suitable options.

Patterned Floor Tiles

Feature flooring from this section is certainly capable of providing your home layout with a standout appeal and genuine wow factor. Your guests are sure to be amazed if you choose one of these stunning products. Feature Floor Tiles are acquired for many different parts of the home including porches, hallways, living rooms, dining areas and bedrooms. Of course, tiles are mostly associated with bathrooms and kitchens and we have a wide variety of tiles which fit perfectly within these areas. Providing your home with decorative flooring has never been easier as there are plenty of patterned floor tiles to choose from throughout this range.

Patterned Wall Tiles

When it comes to creating a standout appearance, few options compare to patterned wall tiles. These tiles can be used in bathrooms as part of shower areas and also as a bath or sink surround. Using a patterned backsplash in kitchens is a popular way of providing an eye-catching feature above a worktop within modern interiors. Patterned wall tiles are not chosen exclusively for bathrooms and kitchens though as they are also well suited to feature walls and fireplace surrounds in living rooms. You can combine patterned tiles which offer a 'busy' look with plain grey tiles for a stylish contrast.

Feature Tiles in a Range of Colours and Styles

From well-known patterns to less conventional designs and popular colours to more niche shades, there is a vast array of options available. So whether you are looking for a more mainstream style or something a little different you are sure to discover the perfect look within this extensive collection. Patterns include geometric shapes and floral designs. In addition to multi-coloured feature tiles we also have monochrome varieties which are ideal for areas of flooring and can be matched with brighter colours for a stylish contrast.

Feature Tiles for Commercial Renovations

Tiles from this range are not only selected for home designs but are also acquired for a wide variety of commercial renovations. In shops, decorative feature tiles offer a stylish appearance on both walls and floors. As part of a floor design in shops, a popular technique is to contrast the busy look of feature tiles with plain porcelain tiles. In restaurants, feature tiles offer a unique focal point and add character to interior layouts. Feature tiles have also been put to great use in hotel bathrooms and foyers. On floors, hardwearing porcelain has the required strength and durability to withstand high levels of foot traffic throughout busy areas.