Gold Tiles

Create a distinctive look with gold tiles from this amazing collection

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Gold Tiles

Choose from our premium selection of natural stone and engineered gold coverings, available in a variety of sizes and finishes. Gold is a versatile colour which can be used within both contemporary and traditional designs. This standout shade provides designs with a powerful design theme. If you wish to find out any additional information with regards to wall and floor options within our gold collection then please get in touch with Tilesporcelain. You can also order a sample for a closer look.

Impressive Texture and Finish

A gold colour has a distinctive appearance. Whether gold features as the primary colour within a tile or maybe as a smaller inclusion it undoubtedly has a standout quality that makes you sit up and take notice. The impact which a gold colour can have on a particular design is determined by the finish applied. A highly polished finish can produce a particularly emphatic look. This can also create an almost mirror like, reflective style. When gold is matched with a matt finish it can appear more subtle in its appearance and is often described as a warm yellow shade.

Why not Create a Feature Wall?

Creating a feature wall is often achieved by designers looking to produce a focal point in a particular room. Gold is really effective at grabbing people’s attention. When deployed as a feature wall they can combine with other bold colours like black and red. Lighter shades on the other walls in the room can accentuate the combination of bold colours extremely well. A feature wall is also described as a splash back in kitchens and bathrooms. This doesn’t just work from a decorative viewpoint but also as a protective surface to help protect the underlying substrate.