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Granite Floor Tiles

Durable Granite Stone
Acquire stylish and durable natural stone flooring from our wide selection of granite floor tiles. You have many different colours to select from, each displaying the unique appearance of premium natural stone granite. The hardwearing nature of granite ensures its suitability for a vast array of situations.

Quality Flooring
Whichever granite floor tiles you decide to choose, you’re guaranteed the highest quality natural stone at the lowest possible prices. This is because we source our granite floor tiles direct from quarries throughout the world and pass these savings on to our customers. The formation of granite is what provides it with a distinctive character capable of transforming the appearance of any design

Some of Our Popular Granite Floor Tiles

Galaxy Granite

Cheap Granite

Galaxy from £22.99 per m2
The galaxy granite comes in a variety of sizes and has a matching mosaic tile that can be used to create borders or splashbacks around baths, showers or behind kitchen worktops and hobs.
We can keep the price of this gold-flecked sparkly granite so low because it is incredibly popular. We are one of the UK's largest importers and use the power of bulk buying to bring you the lowest price at just 22.99 per m2 for 305mm tiles. Take a look and order a sample to check the quality of this majestic granite

Absolute Black Granite

Black Granite With Just A Slight Grain from £23.33 per m2

The absolute black granite has a highly uniform body colour with a very small grain size that makes it a superbly functional alternative to black ceramic flooring as well as a slightly decorative alternitive to plain black tiles. Prices start at just £23.33 per m2 for the 305mm tile

Discover More about our Low Cost Granite

We’ve provided detailed descriptions and high quality photographs to accompany our products. This will hopefully give you an excellent idea of the granite floor tiles we have available within this wide collection. If you are struggling to decide which granite floor tile will best suit your chosen design you can give us a call for any additional information. We also highly recommend you order samples of the granite floor tiles you are interested in. Ordering a sample will enable you to take a closer look at the granite floor tile in question before placing an order. By taking a closer look, you’ll not only be able to compare the granite wall tiles with other features but also test the quality

One of Nature's Toughest Materials - Quality Granite Flooring
It’s the formation process of granite which makes it such a suitable flooring option. Its naturally low porosity rate is a result of molten lava cooling to form a solid granite rock formation. During the treatment process this natural stone is cut and finished to create polished granite floor tiles. This high gloss surface brings out the translucent elements apparent within this much sought after rock.

Large Granite Tiles
Many people prefer large granite floor tiles as this reduces the amount of grout lines which can help to accentuate the size of a room. At we have tiles within this range available in many different sizes including 600x600, 610x610 and 610x305.

Worktops and Options to Complement Granite Flooring

Granite, with its combination of strength and beauty has great versatility when you are looking for decorative solutions around your home. Granite kitchen worktops are one example of how this popular natural stone can be put to good use in an alternative way to just a wall or floor covering. You can often find worktops which match the tile itself so far an overall sparkly appearance the Black Galaxy Granite is a good option. Any spare tiles can also be used as part of a skirting design for a consistent decor. Tiles which look good as a skirting feature include the Absolute Granite Black and the Hassan Green Black Granite

You can find more granite information on our Granite Wall Tiles page

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