Johnson Tiles Tundra

Budget White Ceramic tiles from Johnson Tiles

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Cheap White Tiles

If you are on the lookout for affordable bathroom and kitchen tiles, there are plenty of options available within the Tundra Tile collection. You can select from a wide range of premium white tiles and incorporate this timeless colour within your home layout.

White Feature Tiles

From tiles which comprise of a unique pattern to plain varieties, you have an array of styles to choose from. Tundra Tiles from the reputable Johnson Tile range are acquired for many different layouts including feature walls and backsplash designs. In addition to home interiors, tiles from this section are also selected for cafes and shops.

High Quality Tiles

Products from the Johnson collection, including these Tundra tiles, are renowned for being of the very highest quality. Not only will they add style to interior layouts but they also have a range of practical qualities as they are both easy to clean and maintain. If you would like to take a closer look at any of the products from the Tundra range, it is quick and easy to order a sample from Tilesporcelain.