Kristal Tiles

Kristal Tiles

Find options which are both highly stylish and practical from our Kristal range

Our Kristal range comprises of an array of premium porcelain varieties. They are available in popular colours like brown, white and black. Kristal presents a cost effective and highly practical wall or flooring option. Browse through our selection to establish if any of these varieties will suit your home interior. You can even order a sample for a closer look.

Advantages of Kristal Porcelain

Kristal flooring is used as part of open plan designs in apartments and also standard kitchen interiors. Throughout expansive areas of flooring, in which cost, durability, safety and low maintenance are paramount, Kristal is regularly acquired. Advantages of Kristal flooring in living rooms are also apparent. As a result of the textured surface, Kristal provides a high slip resistance level.

Choosing Kristal Tiles

If you are having difficulty choosing which variety of Kristal porcelain you would prefer for your specific project, then don't worry because help is at hand. Firstly, you can order samples from Tilesporcelain in order to compare and contrast certain varieties. Furthermore, if you require any additional information regarding our Kristal Porcelain don't hesitate in contacting one of our expert advisors.