Matt Tiles

Matt Tiles

Matt tiles of an incredibly high standard, well suited for an array of projects

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Among our premium range of matt coverings you’ll discover both natural stone and engineered varieties. A matt finish is popular for a wide variety of wall and floor designs. Their use is not limited to just kitchens and bathrooms, they can also be used in other living areas and outdoors. Such is the versatility of matt options they can be acquired for both residential and commercial properties. Browse through this selection at Tilesporcelain now or contact one of our sales advisors for more information. If you’re unsure about a design or colour, why not order a sample now. There are so many matt wall and floor options to choose from.

Appearance and Benefits

Unlike a polished surface which can have a reflective appearance, a matt finish tends to have a muted look. Colours will appear pale, with a non-gloss quality. This understated value makes this option ideal for rustic designs, displaying an abundance of character and texture. Use them on both walls and floors to create a wonderful subtle finish that will brighten any space. Benefit from a higher level of slip resistance. This excellent quality makes matt flooring an excellent choice for high traffic areas.