Metro Tiles

A retro style with a modern twist, this collection offers a choice of colours

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Retro Wall Tiles

Metro ceramics have a glossy finish and are used as part of a kitchen or bathroom splash back wall. They are available in a range of popular colours. The metro brick style was first popularised in subway underpasses within some of the United States’ largest cities during the 1960s and 1970s. The timeless appeal has led to them becoming a desirable option for home interiors. You can order a sample of any of our Metro Ceramics for a closer look.

Brick Effect Metro Ceramics

These premium engineered metro ceramics not only provide walls with a stylish appearance but are also highly practical. The glossy finish enables them to be cleaned and maintained with ease. Unlike other surfaces like wallpaper and paint which absorbs moisture, ceramic will protect underlying substrates. They are also popular for shops and restaurants, in which they provide a contemporary style. The brick effect appearance is created by a subtle ridge on its surface, resulting in them protruding from the wall slightly and this is why they are also described as bevelled tiles.

Metro Tiles in Modern Designs

Contemporary designs can be achieved with the use of Metro Ceramics. In this instance they tend to be matched with similarly bold colours. The polish helps to emphasise a stand-out quality and also proves resilient against stains and scratches. Simplicity is often the key to contemporary decors. The use of uncomplicated, plain colours and patterns can help to create streamlined modern kitchen interiors. Light is also important in accentuating the appearance of glossy walls. Ceramic is a hard wearing and durable material, making these highly suitable for busy interior areas.

Metro Brick Tiles for a Wide Range of Designs

Metro brick tiles have a high level of versatility which makes them suitable for a wide range of designs. These tiles can be used in a number of different ways, including as part of a fireplace surround, feature wall or border décor. In addition to horizontal layouts, you can also use metro brick tiles as part of a vertical wall design. In addition to a classic brick pattern (running bond), metro tiles can also be incorporated within a herringbone or chevron patterns. Using a contrasting coloured grout can really emphasise the chosen pattern in addition to the tile itself.