Mixed Tiles

Variety is the spice of life and there is a great mixture within this section

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Mixed Tiles

You may find that the look you wish to create on a wall or floor cannot be achieved with just one solitary colour. It’s a good job, then, that we have a wide range of mixed options available. Varying from a combination of two different shades to a mixture of several colours, browse through our selection of natural stone and engineered options to choose the ones which best suit your design theme.

Choose from Different Varieties

Stone options like travertine often have a natural mix of different shades. These can be fairly subtle colours, including cream, beige, brown and grey. Likewise, wood effect coverings can have a similar mix of colours. Decorative engineered varieties like ceramic or porcelain often have a starker combination which might include a mixture of bold colours such as black and white. Both of these styles apply to mosaics, featuring a multitude of different coloured square, diamond and rectangular pieces. To take a closer look at any of our collection why not order a sample!

Mixed Colours for a Wall Feature

To ensure colours are not too overpowering, plain, pastel shades are often chosen to form the basis of a design. This neutrality can be contrasted with bolder colours and styles. These stand-out features will help to bring the design to life. They can be as simple as a standard border pattern. Mixed borders can provide bathrooms with a decorative feature. The traditional way of applying a border is horizontally through the centre of the walls. A vertical border design can also provide walls with a stylish appearance. Mixed coverings are also used as a splash back wall feature in kitchens. A splash back is not only effective from a style viewpoint but also from a practical perspective as it protects the underlying substrate.