We have a quality range of natural stone and engineered mosaics in a wide variety of colours, sizes and styles. They have been used since the Ancient Roman times when they were installed in famous bath houses and are still a popular option for contemporary designs today. They are an extremely versatile option as they can be used as part of a mosaic kitchen wall design or within a splash back or trendy border design. Interior designers, homeowners and architects use them to provide the wow factor in both domestic and commercial environments

Decorative and Functional

The concept of individual pieces of material fixed on a wall or floor to create a pattern is not a new one. Wall mosaics have been used in all manner of ways throughout the years. From multi-coloured ceramic varieties to the pastel shades of natural stone, they have provided a unique decorative feature within a number of areas. Modern versions are attached to mesh sheets for easy, flexible tiling. These sheets can be cut with ease and attached to surfaces in a range of different situations. When using mesh sheets you can apply them on to curved walls and even sloping floor surfaces, for example in a wet room.

Safety and Practicality in Bathrooms and Kitchens

Mosaic flooring is often used in specific areas for safety reasons which may include flooring near baths and showers. As a result of the intricate design your floor will have multiple grout lines. These grout lines will provide greater friction under foot and therefore a higher level of slip resistance. In kitchens they are invariably used as part of a splash back above worktops. Mosaics within these areas helps to protect the underlying substrate from stains and scratches. Flexible mosaics from Tilesporcelain can be adjusted to fit around kitchen units and other wall features.