Onyx TilesDisplaying a unique aesthetic, onyx is much sought after for grand designs

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Natural stone onyx tiles have a veined appearance in a similar way to that of marble. They are great for use as a decorative wall or floor tile and their beauty makes them a popular choice among interior designers, who use them to create standout designs in both residential and commercial properties. The banded pattern of onyx is what creates the distinctive veins when the stone is cut.

More Than Just Tiles

Decorative onyx panels are often used in hotel foyers. Lights are installed behind them in order to accentuate their translucent appearance, creating a stunning finish. These panels are installed below worktops in reception areas and huge slabs are also used as a splash back in certain properties. They can also decorate circular pillars and staircases. The texture of onyx when cut tends to be sleek and smooth which helps to provide a naturally easy to clean option, perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.