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If sticking with safe, neutral colours is just not your thing then why not take a look at our selection of orange wall and floor coverings. Orange is certainly a bright stand-out colour, the intensity of which can be determined by the type of finish the tile has. For example, a high polish will emphasise an orange glow whereas alternatively a matt surface will create a muted appearance. The non-gloss, pastel shades evident in certain orange varieties is particularly prevalent within natural stone varieties.

Add a Rustic Twist to your Interior Design

Polished orange coverings tend to be used in order to create a genuine design statement. The stand-out appearance of this bright colour can transform the look of any room. Highly polished options such as natural stone onyx can provide a distinctive look, adding a rustic edge to any kitchen. Onyx is also translucent which can produce an even greater impact, especially when the area is well lit. The use of artificial lighting is important when looking to accentuate this emphatic colour. Powerful ceiling and wall lights can help to produce a shimmering glow too.

Orange for a Range of Projects

An orange shade can work well as part of a range of projects. Within home designs an orange colour is a popular choice for not only kitchens and bathrooms but also bedrooms and living and dining areas. Orange has unique warmth which distinguishes it from other shades. It therefore also works well in commercial properties, in particular entrance areas which are designed to make a positive impression. This can apply to shopping centres and hotels, the interiors of which are designed to generate a sense of comfort and relaxation. Order a sample tile today, to see how different colours and styles might work in your home or business.