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Adding a vibrant and bold statement with pink colours has only recently become a stylish interior design trend within kitchens and bathrooms. This increase in demand has resulted in a greater variety now readily available on the market. Pink colours can produce a distinctive style and also a large degree of elegance. You can order a sample today to determine whether or not they work as part of your design theme.

Why There’s been an Increase in Demand

Pink was generally considered as a feminine colour. Recently, however, it has been used in a range of different ways in the worlds of both fashion and interior design. As a result it is not viewed solely as a feminine colour anymore. This acceptance as an all-round decorative option has led to an increase in demand for pink shades. It is not necessarily used as the primary colour within designs. It is instead utilised as a feature, for example as a splash back wall or border feature. The popularity has grown within both residential and commercial markets. We have many options which are a hard wearing and low maintenance choice for public areas, including hotels and shops.

Different Finishes

Highly polished pink coverings appear bright and vibrant which produces a stand-out quality. This can add a distinctive appearance to interior designs. A high polish also helps to reflect light emphatically, providing an additional dimension. This can create a bold look, transforming certain areas. Polished options are used to make a genuine statement by interior designers. Pink with a matt finish can have a more muted style opposed to the dynamic look created by a polished surface. This understated shade works well as part of elegant designs.