Polished Tiles

Polished Tiles

Have a style in mind? You’re sure to find the perfect tiles within this range

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A highly polished finish is effective from both a style and practical viewpoint making both colour and texture stand out! Surfaces can appear brighter and more vibrant and with our polished quartz you can really create a luxurious, unique finish. For a closer look you can order a sample. Among our selection are standard wall and floor coverings and also borders and mosaics.

A Low Maintenance Option for your Home

This high gloss surface offered by the polished surface makes any of our collection easy to clean. The polish also helps to protect the material and can help to prevent moisture from penetrating its surface. Polished varieties are fantastic for kitchens and they are very popular with shops and restaurants where cleanliness is important. In shower areas; water and moisture from condensation can simply be wiped from the surface with a dry, clean towel. Additional protection can be achieved in shower areas when the grout lines are covered with a layer of silicone sealant.