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Make a style statement with these high quality purple tiles

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Purple has a distinctive look and is often considered as a warm and comforting colour. It is a frequently chosen colour for soft furnishings like curtains, carpets and cushions. This prevalence within living and dining areas has also translated to its recent popularity for kitchens and bathrooms. Engineered purple coverings are available in shades of varying intensity. You can order samples now from Tilesporcelain to determine which options are best suited to your home décor.

Make a Statement

Our engineered purple collections can provide a hard wearing and practical option on walls and floors. Many people choose options from our collection as a result of their durability and low maintenance. The resilience which our premium products have against stains and scratches is a big factor. We have many options available which are regularly specified for the high traffic areas of commercial properties. They are chosen for expansive flooring areas, in which a durable material is essential in coping with the demands of busy public places. This distinctive colour adds a unique character to particular designs as well as a high level protection to underlying substrates.

Purple Shades Provide a Standout Look

Purple is generally not used as the base colour of a design. Base colours tend to comprise of timeless black, white or even a neutral cream, grey or ivory shade. Purple, however, can often provide the desired colour which certain designs may lack. It can be used as a splash back or border will really create a standout look. It will also produce a stylish contrast next to less distinctive colours. Such is the standout quality of purple it is often specified for use within a feature wall. Feature walls are designed to grab people’s attention and are the focal point of the decor itself. Purple has a transformational effect in relation to many designs.