Emerald Green Quartz Mosaics

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Material Quartz
Colour Green
Finish Polished
Ideal For Floor
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Stunning Green Quartz Mosaics

The emphatic emerald green quartz mosaic tile is a stunning choice for interior design renovations and installations to both residential and commercial properties. The unique aesthetic of this engineered tile provides a wow factor that will simply take your breath away. The vibrancy of the green and the sparkle of the mirror particles will accentuate light and spaciousness. These tiles are a popular choice among interior designers, architects and property developers. They are the ultimate option for contemporary home decor and will complement both light and dark colours for a unique and stunning effect.

Innovative Engineering Process

Through innovative engineering this tile has a 97% quartz content, making it an extremely durable and hard wearing option. These premium tiles are incredibly durable and hard wearing. This combination of style and practicality makes green quartz mosaics a great choice for a variety of decors.

Intricate Green Quartz Mosaics

The intricate design of mosaic works particularly well with the electrifying green to produce a dynamic combination. These mosaic tiles are a low maintenance option and also easy to clean. They are scratch and slip resistant and are ideal for high traffic areas in the family home. Resin based quartz is engineered through an innovative process and any use within a high thermal environment, conservatory, including near patio doors, in an outdoor area or in combination with under floor heating is at your own risk. Any adhesives which are latex based should be avoided when fixing quartz tiles to a substrate. Each 305x305mm sheet comprises of 81 30x30mm mosaic squares.

Mirror Range
Mirror Range