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With sparkly mirror particles providing an emphatic starburst effect this quartz mandarin rust light brown transforms the walls and floors of both residential and commercial properties. The light and invigorating look will combine with many different shades for a contemporary look in bathrooms and kitchens. The reflective quality will accentuate the light and space within any room. They are not just popular among interior designers and homeowners for home decors but architects also recommend them for a range of commercial projects, in hotels, restaurants and shopping centres. This engineered quartz from the reputable Crystalstone range at Tilesporcelain is strong, durable and incredibly hard wearing, making them ideal for high traffic areas. A resin mixture is used for the manufacturing of quartz and any use within a high thermal environment including but not exclusive to conservatories, and also with underfloor heating is done so at your own risk. When selecting a suitable mortar for the application of quartz to a wall or floor substrate avoid latex based adhesives.

Mirror Range